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Planet: Celensoan A

Operatives: Goals:

Training Programs Available: 2 (nutrient extraction, repair, space gas, weeding, power, oxygen, medi prep, cleaning; library and training pod)

NOTE: Operatives retain any training they had in the general missions (planet Catherwood); however, if you played the military missions before the civilian ones, any skills your operatives learned there will not be carried over.

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


You'll need to process cylincsus and hydromorphus plants into pharmaceuticals and base nutrients, respectively, to meet goals #1 and #2. Stripper insects will attempt to eat up this vegetation before you can get to it, so you'll also need to use weeding posts to burn any stripper mounds that grow up around the base.

Place a few lights here and there so you can see what's what. Buy an argon gas rig and place it on the pool next to the base. Assign Venus there right away. Put Hoshi and Kita on power and oxygen and have Mr. Zhang start building androids using the cybernetics lab already in the base. (The warehouses are already stocked with enough iridium and electronics to make 9 androids.)

Delete all the airlocks and place just one near the gas rig. Place an automatic laser near the airlock and a few more to the southeast and southwest. This is where the rodents will enter the map. Later, you can add more airlocks if you need them, and place more lasers near the top of the map, where the stripper insects enter. This will minimize your weeding and disease problems.

You already have 2 weeding posts; so as soon as an android is available, send it out to start burning stripper mounds. A space bike post helps the androids get around.

Buy a pharmaceutical extractor and place this inside your base. (It's one of the few Industry items that goes indoors.) Later, when you can afford it, buy another.

The androids have better skills than most of your operatives, so use them wisely. Have them and not Hoshi/Kita harvest the pharmaceuticals, and you'll be done in half the time. Venus can handle the nutrient extraction if you like. Keep an eye on Base Conditions. You can probably have one android rotate between cleaning, repair and weeding duty.

For other useful strategies, please check out the section on Android Building & Management.

Other tips: To make Mr. Zhang's life easier, replace the small bio dome where the cybernetics lab is located with a medium dome. Then you can fit the lab, his bed, a cash machine, sauna, and hygiene pod inside. Place the mess hall just outside the doorway, and he'll never need to take more than a few steps to meet his needs. Venus can come visit when he needs companionship.

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