Game Interface & Hotkeys

Space Colony's interface is simple and fairly intuitive. Play the tutorial if you haven't already, and that should answer most questions. Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts and a screenshot with the main controls labeled.

  • arrow keys - scroll around map
  • P - pause game
  • [ - run game at normal speed
  • ] - run game at turbo speed
  • Space Bar - display Bridge Screen
  • T - open Trade Controls
  • Escape - display game options
  • Tab - toggle interface on/off
  • Page Up - next colonist in list
  • Page Down - last colonist in list
  • Enter - center view on selected colonist
screenshot - Space Colony interface

Space Colony Game Interface:
  • A - Game Options
  • B - Mission Clock
  • C - Credits Banked
  • D - Game Speed (pause, normal, turbo)
  • E - Building Selection Panel
  • F - Sell Button

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