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Planet: Celensoan A


Training Programs Available: 12 (mining only until training goals met, then all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


There are advantages and disadvantages to focusing on training first or on collecting protoraptor pods. You have 12 training programs available, but your operatives can only train in mining until you finish the training goals for the mission. After that, other badges become available. So you might want to do the training first. However, as time goes on, more protoraptors hatch and begin attacking your base. Collecting the pods early makes that part a lot easer. I prefer the following strategy:

Concentrate first on building base defenses and gathering the raptor pods. Once those goals are completed, you can finish the training.

Sell the titanium you mined in the last mission and keep several operatives (including Stig) mining titanium. Sell it to purchase base defenses, a scavenger and, later, training.

The protoraptor pods in the southeast quadrant of the map begin to hatch shortly after the mission starts. You can't collect the pods until the crashed spaceship is destroyed, so do that first. (Even though you can see the protoraptor pods, until you destroy the crashed ship, you'll receive the message, "This unit has no resources on visuals," if you try to use the scavenger.) Place one or two automatic lasers close to the wreck. They'll soon destroy the ship, completing goal #4.

While that's going on, place a light in the narrow canyon leading between the base and the downed spaceship. Then place several automatic lasers above and below the canyon opening. These will take care of any raptors that find their way through. (See this screenshot for one possible setup.) Buy/extract more argon as needed. Add additional warehouses if necessary to speed the delivery of resources.

Expand your defenses beyond the canyon by placing a small bio dome in the space where the crashed space ship was. Then place a few more automatic lasers a little distance away in the canyon. The raptors should concentrate on destroying the dome even while your lasers are shooting at them. If you pause the game periodically and check how much damage the dome has taken, you can sell and replace it before it is completely destroyed. Then you only lose a few credits. The dome should keep the raptors occupied while the scavenger does its job. (More on that below.)

Also, be sure to keep your other lasers from the previous mission in place, since the rodent invasions will continue.

As soon as you can afford it, buy a scavenger bunker and place it on your side of the canyon, above or below the cluster of automatic lasers. Have Hoshi and Kita alternate working the scavenger. Collect one raptor pod at a time and then send the worker into the base for a break. That way, the scavenger robot will not be abandoned in the raptor area when the operator decides she needs a rest. After a while, you'll have enough credits to buy another scavenger if you want.

Once the raptors start sniffing around the base, keep an eye on your Base Conditions (in the Bridge Screen). If structures need repair, buy an engineering repair facility and have an operative work there at least part time. It is especially important to keep the scavenger robot repaired. (As noted in an earlier mission, you can't choose what the repair droid fixes first. So if it's trying to fix something non-essential, like a light, while your scavenger is getting devoured, just sell the non-essential items that are damaged. Then the bot will go right to the scavenger.)

If you send someone to work on the scavenger and the computer tells you, "This unit has no resources on visuals," place more lights in the dark zone to find the remaining raptor pods. Don't place lights everywhere, just one or two to light up the nearest nest. Do not place lasers too close to the nests, or they will destroy the pods before you can harvest them.

If you keep both Hoshi and Kita working, either together or taking turns, it won't take long to gather the 5 pods needed to meet goal #1.

Once you've done that, if you need more credits, you can sell the scavenger(s) and any lights and lasers in the raptor area. Raptors will continue to hatch and come through the canyon to the base, though, so be sure to keep up the defenses on your side.

Now concentrate on training. You may have these goals partly completed if you gave Slim, Kita or Hoshi any mining training in the previous mission. Keep mining and selling titanium and use the credits to buy a training pod (if you don't already have one) and mining training for Hoshi, Kita and Slim. Pretty soon you'll finish goals #2-4 and beat the mission.

Other tips: If you finish the previous mission (Contract Race) with an unfinished android in the cybernetics lab, you can finish it in this mission and use it for mining, repair, etc.

Get a Jacuzzi a.s.a.p. and place it near an airlock. Put the engineering repair facility and a space bike just outside the airlock. Greg can alternate mining, repair, and soaking in the hot tub. Make Bhoomi talk to him when necessary and he should be fairly productive.

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