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Planet: Celensoan B


Training Programs Available: 6 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


This one is pretty straightforward, and you have plenty of time to get the job done. Read the Tourism Tutorial for tips on building a successful hotel.

Begin by placing at least one silicon extractor near the base. Stig can start mining right away. Put Venus on power and Slim on oxygen. (He can start mining after the other operatives arrive.)

There are 6 training programs available. I recommend spending most of these on cleaning training for Candy and Bhoomi. Train Candy first thing, using the training pod if you have the credits. Once the tourists start arriving, the base gets messy fast. A star or two in oxygen would also be helpful for Babette or anyone else working that station.

When everyone has arrived, place several more silicon extractors in a wide circle around the base, and get Slim, Hoshi, Kita and Greg working on them, along with Stig. (Nailer can mine too or alternate cleaning and mining.) Set each extractor's mining area to clear silicon away from the base so you can build more structures. Sell the silicon to buy more stuff.

Even though your tourism rating won't be very high at first, place a couple of single-room hotels and a tourist port as soon as you can afford it. Visiting tourists will bring in extra credits and start you toward meeting the 40-tourist goal.

As you clear space and make money, place additional hotels and facilities for your tourists. Your ultimate goal, in future missions, will be to build up a 10-star rating. There's a lot you can do toward that goal at this early stage. Keep your eye on the Tourism Report in the Bridge Screen, and add facilities to enhance your star ratings.

If you can get 4 single-room hotels in place by the end of the first week, you'll meet your goal well before the time limit.

Other tips: Buy a chicken farmer unit early on. Billy Bob can more than meet your base's chicken needs, and you can sell any extra chicken.

Once you've cleared enough silicon to build your main structures, you can buy 2 electronics fabricators and switch Hoshi and Kita to electronics fab. The cybernetics lab is not available for making androids, but you can sell electronics for a much higher price than raw silicon.

Be sure to keep your operatives reasonably happy, especially Stig and Nailer. These guys have no qualms about slugging a tourist who happens to tick them off.

Just before the mission ends, spend any extra credits on training. Or, if you've used all the training programs, buy some machinery—even things you won't use, like scavenger bunkers. Then when the next mission starts, sell any unneeded items for credits. You'll get a lot more than the small credit "carry over" Blackwater grants.

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