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Planet: Celensoan B

IMPORTANT: The patched version of the game fixes a number of bugs, including several relating to GM grass and golf holes. If you have not already downloaded and installed this patch, be sure to do so before starting this mission. (See the Space Colony v. 1.1 Patch page for more info.)


Training Programs Available: 4 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Delete Babette's and Greg's jobs so they can concentrate on romance. If Babette was working oxygen, put Dean there instead. Give him extra training and/or buy more oxygen plants. He can alternate medi prep and oxygen.

Review the Relationship & Romance Tutorial if necessary, but getting Greg and Babette together should be easier than it was with Dean and Candy, since they can concentrate on dating and nobody will die. You should have all or most of the dating objects already, so it won't take too long to meet goal #2.

There are 4 training programs available. Aside from oxygen training for someone, I would again recommend additional cleaning badges. You'll need them later.

To build a golf course, find a patch of clear ground not too far from the base. Place 5 golf tees not too far apart. (It doesn't have to look realistic. It's better if golfers don't need to go too far between holes.) To do this, click the tourism button, click the golf tee button to select it, click on the map to place the tee, then move the cursor to a spot where the hole and flag are visible and then click again to place the hole.

Now Mr. Zhang can finally earn his keep. Place a bio research lab near an airlock and Mr. Zhang's necessities (bed, sauna, cash machine, mess hall) as close as possible to that airlock. Mr. Zhang can plant all the grass you need for your golf course, but if you want the job to go faster, buy 2 more bio research labs and assign Hoshi and Kita as well.

In the patched game (Space Colony v. 1.1), the bio research lab does a good job of planting grass over the golf holes automatically. Just make sure the "currently seeding" button is toggled to GM grass, not bamboo. You can make the job go faster by changing the planting area once a hole has been seeded sufficiently. (The circle-and-slash symbol over the flag will disappear when the hole is ready to play.)

When all 5 holes are ready to play, you don't have to wait for a tourist to do it. Take Dean off duty (i.e., delete his jobs), tend to all his needs except entertainment and send him out to play golf. Ta-da! Goal #1.

On Day 4, a meteor shower strikes the base. To prevent structural damage, place space defense shields at strategic intervals around the base. To make sure you get full coverage, pause the game, place a shield and click on it to see the radius it covers. Experiment with placing and deleting (selling) shields until you have an overlapping network of shielding covering the entire base—or at least any place tourists will go.

Other tips: Keep mining silicon and selling it. Keep working on raising your tourism rating, as described in the Tourism Tutorial. Again, just before the mission ends, spend any extra credits on expensive items like machinery. Then when the next mission starts, sell these items to get more credits than would be carried over.

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