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Planet: Celensoan B


Training Programs Available: 2 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


To destroy the alien matter transporter, you'll need a missile, which requires 10 canisters of argon and 10 electronics to operate. But before you buy the missile, kill the one Host that didn't go into the transporter. Otherwise, it will destroy your missile before you can arm it.

The single host is no longer hindered by a forcefield. So if you used forcefield posts to surround the monoliths in the previous level, you can sell them now to reduce power consumption.

To kill the Host, place several manual lasers near the monoliths. You can't buy argon anymore and none of the gas from the previous mission is carried over, so you'll need to get your own. Place several argon gas rigs over the pool near the titanium. Assign Venus, Vasilios and possibly Greg to mine gas. Also, sell any non-essential lasers from the previous mission so they don't get argon before the new lasers and the missile.

If you didn't stockpile electronics in the previous missions, you should start making them now, since the missile requires 10. Buy electronics fabricators and assign Nikolai, Hoshi and Kita to work there. Mine additional raw silicon as needed.

When the free Host causes any of your operatives to become unstable, send them to counseling or detention until they feel better. Check this list to see which operatives respond better to counseling vs. detention.

When you have several manual lasers armed with argon, send two or three operatives to shoot at the host (Slim, Stig, Barbara or anyone else you've trained). Each time you shoot at the Host, it will destroy the laser, killing the operator. So buy at least one cryogenic reanimation unit to revive them. When an operative dies, an ambulance shuttle comes down from the mother ship to take the dead operative up. Shortly afterward, you'll see that operative appear inside the cryo unit. Click on the unit and then click "Re-Animate Colonist" to revive your operative. Tend to his needs and then send him back to the lasers. Before long, the free host will be killed.

Now buy the missile and wait for the warehouse droids to deliver the necessary argon and electronics. You can hover your cursor over the missile to see how many units of each are still needed. When the missile is ready, click on it, click the crosshairs icon and then click the alien matter transporter to launch the missile at it. Mission accomplished.

Other tips: 2 more training programs are available. Again, space gas and laser are good choices.

If you didn't build a mini-base down by the titanium/argon-mining area in the last mission, you should probably do that now. See the previous level's walkthrough for more info.

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