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Planet: Scrimgeour

Operatives: Goals:

Training Programs Available: none

NOTE: Operatives retain any training they had in the general missions (planet Catherwood); however, if you played the civilian missions before the military ones, any skills your operatives learned there will not be carried over.

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


It's possible to complete this mission using a tactical approach, gradually advancing into the danger zone with automatic lasers and the 4 dogbots that come with the base. However, there's a much easier way.

As soon as the mission starts, before Venus even steps off the shuttle, pause the game. Then scan the map for visible rock hopper queens. Place 4 force field posts around each queen. Be sure to place them so the force fields criss-cross and intersect the queen, rather than surrounding her. And don't place the posts too close to the queens' bloated bodies, or they'll be destroyed when the rock hopper babies spawn. (See this screenshot for examples. Special thanks to sthomp, on the now defunct Gathering Space Colony Forums for this excellent tip.)

Keep the game paused as you do that for all the visible queens. Then, with the game still paused, begin placing lights in the darkened areas to reveal the hidden queens. You can get a rough idea where they are using the mini-map in the bottom left corner of the screen: enemies show up as blue dots in the blackness. (They're also shown on the map of Venus's Route.) There are 10 queens in all: 5 visible ones and 5 laid out in an arc below the large volcano. (There are more in the forbidden zone to the east, but you can't get them yet.)

After lighting up each new area and placing forcefield posts, still keeping the game paused, sell the lights you've placed previously. This saves credits and prevents the baby rockhoppers from spawning too soon, since light seems to excite them.

As you place the force field posts and lights, the game advances a little with each click, but don't un-pause until all the force fields are in place. When all the queens are surrounded, un-pause briefly and watch the force fields suck the life out of the big bugs. Some rock hoppers will hatch and damage your force field posts. Pause the game every few seconds and check each group. Replace the posts as needed and sell the ones around the queens that have died so they aren't destroyed by the babies.

You may have trouble killing one of the queens this way—the fourth from the left in the group below the volcano—because she's lying right on the lava, which doesn't leave much solid ground on which to place the forcefield posts. Try lining them up horizontally, with two near her head and two just beyond her tail. Or, if that doesn't work, try this: Wait for the bug swarms to disperse. Then advance your dogbots nearer to the queen but not too close. Place a few lights near the automatic lasers to the left of your base. This will attract the swarms and enable the lasers to target them. Place 2 more lasers between the dogbots and the remaining queen. Once the two new lasers are supplied with argon, bring the dogbots just behind the lasers and then place a light ahead of them. Though you may lose a light or two, the dogs and lasers should be able to take care of the queen and any babies she spawns.

While this is happening, Venus will arrive. Put her on the power desk right away.

Once all the queens are killed, the rest of the mission is cake. The only other enemies are the rock hopper swarms that enter periodically just above the clump of brown rocks at the bottom left corner of the screen. So add a few extra lasers there, keep an eye on your argon supply and buy more argon as needed.

Have Venus work the power desk for a while to build up power stores. Then have her take care of her various needs using the equipment in the base.

When you're ready to go, send Venus out of the base. The dogbots can accompany her, but if you've killed all the rock hopper queens, they probably won't have much to do. Rather than just clicking on the other base and hoping she'll make it, direct Venus's progress by clicking on her then on various points ahead of her as she goes. (The route she'll take is shown on this map.) Walk up and around the dogbot posts and solar collectors toward the volcano. Cross the lava and then head for the small dome with the medi bay. Treat those burns in the medi bay and continue to the west, up and around the rock outcropping above the medi bay dome. Now it's a straight shot to the other base, off to the east. When Venus reaches the bridge of the distressed base, you've beaten the mission.

Other tips: Although the next mission takes place on the same map, any structures you have placed in this mission disappear. So don't bother equipping the new base.

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