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Planet: Scrimgeour

Operatives: Goals:

Training Programs Available: 5 (all types; library only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


As soon as the mission starts, pause the game and use the same force field post trick from the last mission to destroy all the rock hopper queens.

Invasions of rock hoppers will still enter periodically from the canyons to the south and east. So begin fortifying the edges of the base and continue adding to your defenses as you amass credits. First place a few more automatic lasers along the south and west edges of the base to pick off rock hoppers coming from either side. Build any new structures close to your base and surround everything with automatic lasers. Just beyond the lasers, place a line of force field posts (regular at first then high-powered when you can afford them). Also place some lights amid the lasers so they can target incoming enemies.

Burnflies will also invade periodically, seeding the nasty metaflaxus weed. Place a weeding post and send Nailer out as needed to burn the weeds away; otherwise, they'll spew more burnflies, which can damage base structures.

Place a titanium extractor to the left of the base and fairly close. Protect it with automatic lasers and set Greg mining titanium. Sell this to buy needed items.

While you're saving up credits to buy a scavenger to mine the iridium, use the library to improve Barbara's scavenging skill. (Venus and Barbara both have basic scavenging, but Venus already has better power and oxygen skill, and Barbara learns faster. So put Venus on the bridge instead. If you place an extra oxygen plant and a few extra solar power plants, she can even handle both stations.)

Place a few lights down in the area below the base to reveal the iridium deposits. When you can afford it, buy a scavenger bunker. Place this just below the bridge, rather than down in the area with the iridium. The scavenger bot will have to go a little farther, but it's easier to protect the bunker if it's close to your other structures. Put down a few automatic lasers along the route the scavenger bot will take to get to the iridium. These will help protect it from bugs.

Some structures are bound to take damage, so build an engineering repair facility and have Nailer alternate repair, weeding and cleaning inside the base as needed. (As noted in an earlier mission, you can't choose what the repair droid fixes first. So if it's trying to fix something non-essential, like a light, while your scavenger is getting fried, just sell the non-essential items that are damaged. Then the bot will go right to the scavenger.)

After a while the iridium near the base will be depleted and you'll need to place some lights (and lasers) a bit farther south near the remaining iridium. Soon after that you'll meet the mission goal.

Other tips: Buy a social area and use it to make Greg and Slim friends. Then buy a Jacuzzi, place it near an airlock close to the titanium extractor, and have the two guys meet there periodically for fun and social interaction. Greg will be a lot more productive that way.

Since there isn't much for him to do here, give Mr. Zhang some extra training. He's a very quick study and could use skills like cleaning, engineering repair or military robotics. Slim could improve his oxygen badge if you like, which will also come in handy in future missions.

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