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Planet: Farquaharson


Training Programs Available: 8 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


As soon as possible, start buying argon and get some lights and automatic lasers in place along the top of the base to protect the lava power plant from lava beetles. Protean worms will still appear every so often to attack the power plant from behind. The lasers usually won't target them—or at least not soon enough. Rather than lose plant after plant, try and keep an eye on this and sell the power plant before it is destroyed. Then the lasers should "see" the worms and kill them. You'll still have to buy another power plant, but at least you'll have some credits from the old one.

Then build a perimeter of lights and lasers around the base. Protean worms will attack from the north, east and south until you are able to kill off the two mothers (more below). There will also be regular rock hopper incursions from the south (no queens though). The best you can do for now is a tight defense.

Place a titanium extractor to the left of the base and put an airlock in there. Put Greg to work and place the Jacuzzi just inside.

As soon as you can afford it, buy a pharmaceutical extractor and assign Hoshi, Kita or Barbara. When you can afford them, buy two more units. (The operatives can take turns until you get all three machines running.) Be sure to light up the areas where the cylincsus plants are located: one clump is just southeast of the base. When that runs out, the women will stop working until you light up more cylincsus off to the west. Pests will attempt to destroy your lights there, so put a few lasers down too and keep an eye on things. You want to make sure the harvesting continues uninterrupted.

Now, back to the military part. . .

There are 2 protean worm mothers spawning all those nasty little spitters. One is off to the east, the other is down in the south/southwest. If you can get some soldiers built for those empty soldier posts, they can take out the mama worms. Each soldier requires 2 units of titanium, which you mine yourself, and 2 electronics, which you must buy. When you have these, put Venus (or another operative you have trained) to work on the existing military robotics factory. Soon a soldier will emerge. Venus can then do other work or attend to her own needs while the warehouse droids supply the robotics factory for the next soldier.

You'll need at least 3 soldiers to deal with a protean worm mother. March them up within shooting distance of her and they should target her automatically. They can't shoot while marching, though, so be careful moving them around. When they've killed one mother, send them back to their posts (by selecting them and clicking the red button on the soldier panel). Then make sure they're repaired (using the engineering repair facility) before they go to the next battle.

The first hyrascus—one of the big, dinosaur-like "moonshakers" for which the mission is named—appears around day 3. The screen shudders to announce its arrival. Then it lumbers slowly toward the base. Hyrascus use a seismic stomp, which can destroy any structures in their path. Fortunately soldier bots are immune to this damage. So try and intercept the hyrascus with your soldiers before it reaches the base. If your soldiers aren't ready, then shore up your defenses with automatic lasers and plan to distract the hyrascus by plunking down a few lights to get its attention while the lasers shoot it down.

Other tips: It's also quite possible to do this entire mission without soldiers. Just build a tight perimeter of lasers and keep repairing/replacing them when they are damaged. Then concentrate everything else on meeting the goal. With Hoshi, Kita and Barbara working the pharmaceutical extractors, it won't take too long. (Extra training can help but it also eats up valuable time.)

There's a lot to do in this mission and not much downtime for training, but if you want you can give Barbara extra badges in power or oxygen, and/or give additional training to Mr. Zhang, Slim and Nailer. Skills like engineering repair, medi prep, military robotics, lasers and cleaning will all be useful in future missions.

For the military missions, I use Barbara as my back-up power op when Venus has other work, so I gave her lots of power training throughout this phase of the game. This is a convenient station for her since the cash machine is nearby. I trained Slim in oxygen since it doesn't require constant hands-on, so it's usually no problem for him to skate over to the disco or duck out for a quick nap.

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