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Planet: Ealamoise


Training Programs Available: 10 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


There are no base nutrient stores and no place to build, so get Venus on that nutrient extractor right away. Set the harvest area to clear hydromorphus and GM bamboo above the base and near the warehouses first. You can place one additional warehouse at the start, but several more warehouses will help you move goods faster. Another small dome above the bridge is also useful. Later you can clear space for more buildings. (Sell the existing manual laser now and put another one in a better location later.)

Start Tami on power and then move her to cleaning when Barbara arrives.

As soon as Hoshi and Kita arrive, have them both train up to one star in mining. (Use the training pod. It's more expensive, but you need the edge.) Squeeze 2 titanium extractors in among the weeds near the warehouses and put the girls to work a.s.a.p. mining the titanium just to the north.

The Fribulan attacks begin at the end of the first day and gradually escalate. So start building your defenses early. Place an arc of automatic lasers below the black water pool just above the base. You'll add more defenses later, but that's a good start. Buy argon to arm them.

Soon you'll need more power plants but not so many if you have been training Barbara (or another op) in power. Have Barbara build up a little power reserve while Tami tidies up. Then switch Tami back to power and have BL start prepping those medi bays.

When you can, put in another titanium extractor to the west of the base below the rock outcropping. There's more titanium off to the west, so you can direct the bot to mine there. Just be sure to place a few lasers to protect it from wandering Frib. Put Greg to work there.

Now more on those defenses. . .

The lasers malfunction at the start of day 2 and aren't fixed until the next day. Naturally, a swarm of diseased rodents invades the base just now. You can minimize your operatives' contact with the rodents by selling all the airlocks and then placing one away from the rodents when someone needs to go in or out. If you are caught by surprise and get the virus but don't have medi bays prepped, you could re-train Barbara in medi prep so she'll do the job faster. You shouldn't run out of pharmaceuticals, since the plague only lasts a little while, but if you do, you can buy more through Trade Controls.

To deal with the incoming Frib and their creations—spitters, marsh fairies and marsh fairy hatchers, acidwings and the Fribulan themselves—expand your perimeter of lasers. Hovermines are a bit expensive at this stage of the game. If you get any, place them away from the base so the mines don't damage your other structures.

Around day 9, goriloids begin migrating down from the north. They come one at a time at intervals. If you place a light or two in the area north of the base, you'll get some advance warning. They send out a sonic roar that destroys your structures. Place several automatic lasers just below the rock outcropping to the north, place some lights nearby and back it up with a manual laser. Slim can man it whenever a goriloid shows up and do another job the rest of the time. Once the goriloid comes near, distract it by placing lights, which are relatively cheap, in front of it while you blast away with your lasers. (A hovermine delivery system may also help, as long as you place it away from the other structures.)

Around day 10, Fribulan "friends" arrive from the northwest. Your lasers should target them. If you have enough firepower, you'll pick them all off before they can get to your base. If they get too close, sell any airlocks on the north side so they can't get in. Otherwise they'll wreak havoc inside your base, breaking things, annoying your operatives, etc.

As long as you've got 3 well-trained miners working and don't let the enemy destroy your titanium extractors, you'll nave no trouble beating the Frib to the goal.

Other notes: Once you've cleared vegetation to make room for your essentials, you can clear a spot just in front of the nutrient extractor, sell it and place another one in the newly cleared area. Then begin clearing the area below the bridge for more living space.

Mr. Zhang doesn't have much to do in this mission. You might divide his time between cleaning and training for future missions. Engineering repair, military robotics, electronics fabrication and/or more cleaning are always good choices for him. But you probably have your own ideas too.

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