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Planet: Ealamoise


Training Programs Available: 4 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


This is by far the most difficult mission in the main game. Fribulan attacks start early and escalate. Their base, the "Fribulan mother," is the treestump-looking thing in the swamp to the west. It gives birth to various Fribulan constructs and must be destroyed to beat the mission. It's heavily guarded, so you'll need to build up some serious defenses, as well as a large squad of soldier robots to take the fight to the enemy. Continue your titanium operation so you can afford all this. Add another extractor if possible. Just be sure to keep it within the defended area.

First thing, sell the remaining titanium from the previous mission. (Blackwater has taken most of it.) Then lay in some protection from the spineweed that will soon be headed your way. Cluster bombs are the only things that work against it; so position several of them in a wide arc around your base, ranging from the lower left to the north above the pool. (You might want to save the game, let it run a few days to see how the spineweed approaches and then restart to build your defense.) Cluster bombs need argon to function, so either start extracting it or buy a good supply.

Place lights in among the cluster bombs and protect the bombs with automatic lasers. Just be sure to place the lights and lasers a little ways behind the cluster bombs or they'll be destroyed when the bombs go off.

As you go along, build stronger perimeter defenses. Once the Fribulan ogres start coming, you'll want plenty of lasers, cluster bombs and hovermines in place, especially in the area below and west of the pool, where most of the enemy attacks will come. A few manned lasers just behind the other defenses can also help fight tougher enemies like the ogres.

Acidwings usually approach along the bottom of the map, so place a few extra hovermines down there at the edge of your territory. (Sentinels and sentinel patrol markers also work against acidwings, but I prefer the hovermines here, since they work against other enemies as well.) As you expand your perimeter, you can sell back most of the lasers near the base. Just be sure to keep a few in place near the airlocks to foil rodent invasions.

When the computer announces that something has been destroyed or the base is under attack, pause the game and find the source of the trouble. You may be able to distract the enemy with a few well placed lights while your weapons shoot it down.

Have one operative on engineering repair full time. You'll still lose a lot of structures to enemy attacks, but this will help a bit.

As you are able to afford them, place soldier posts close to the base so they are well protected. Try not to let your soldiers get damaged at this early stage. If you send them to fight, be sure to keep them away from the hovermine areas or they'll suffer along with the enemy.

I recommend building at least 8 soldiers before going into the enemy zone. (It was easiest with a complete squad 12, but that took a while to build.) When you're ready, make sure all the soldiers are repaired. Then place several extra engineering repair facilities. Get all your operatives' needs met and then have them man the crucial stations—engineering repair to keep the soldiers in tip-top shape, power and oxygen. (At this point, you can sell off any extra structures for credit, since hopefully this will be the end of the level. Save your game before attacking in case anything goes wrong. Then you can reload and try again.)

March the soldiers into the enemy zone (again avoiding the hovermines). Don't stop to fight along the way, just take it straight to the mother. Stop the soldiers as near as you can to the mother and have them target her. Some of the soldiers will target other enemies even if you tell them not to. If you keep redirecting them to target the mother, eventually it will be destroyed.

Other tips: If this mission is too hard or takes too long for you, you can restart it on easy mode (fewer enemies and no Fribulan ogres) or use the level skip cheat to bypass it entirely.

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