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Planet: Aggerholm


Training Programs Available: 8 (space gas, electronics, cleaning; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Now this is crucial first thing: Click on each of the 3 missiles and pause production. That way all the argon will go to the lasers first.

Before the operatives even arrive, pause the game and set up some defenses. Sell all the automatic lasers that come with the base so they don't get all the existing argon right away. (You can buy more later.) With the game still paused, place lights throughout the open zone to find all the raptor pods. Place an automatic laser or two near each nest to destroy the pods before they can hatch. Now sell back any lights that aren't necessary. That will save credits and reduce power consumption.

Check the Planetary Scan in the Bridge Screen to see the number of raptor pods remaining. After you've destroyed them all, you can sell some of the stray lasers and place others just inside each gap in the rock wall above the base. This will help defend against future raptor invasions.

As the operatives arrive, train them and put them to work. Start with 2 training pods. (You can sell one later.) When Venus and Vasilios arrive, train each in space gas (Venus one more star, Vasilios two). While that's going on, place 2 argon gas rigs over the pool to the north of the base. When they're trained, send both operatives to work there.

You begin with 4 soldier robots. Send them from nest to nest to help the lasers kill the raptor pods. When you've destroyed all the pods, return the soldiers to the base, repair them if necessary and keep them on hand to respond to future attacks.

Place a silicon extractor near the silicon deposits to the southwest. Assign Hoshi there to start. When Greg comes, he can take over the mining. Then place 2 electronics fabricators and assign both Hoshi and Kita to make electronics. Give them additional electronics training when you can afford it.

As soon as you can, build more warehouses. You'll want lots of droids carrying supplies back and forth. You'll also need more power plants right away to run all your lights and industry. Several space bikes also help.

Once you've taken care of the raptor pods and established some base defenses, click missile production on. Now the argon and electronics will go toward completing the mission goal. Each missile requires 20 argon and 10 electronics. Remember you can pause production at any time during the mission to divert argon to the lasers.

Other tips: Have Mr. Zhang train in electronics fabrication (1 or 2 stars). Then place another electronics fabricator right outside the base for easy access. This will help meet the missile goal quickly.

The titanium in your stores is for manufacturing new soldiers if the others get damaged. You have the military robotics factory already. It's a lot easier to keep the soldiers repaired. If they are in danger, send them back to the base and have someone work the engineering repair facility to fix them.

If you're very close to finishing the missiles and still have lots of time left, you can pause production and lay in some stocks. Don't bother collecting lots of extra argon, though, since you lose all but a little when you begin the next mission. You can, however, sell argon and silicon and buy other things you need with the money (like soldier posts). All structures will be carried over.

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