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Planet: Aggerholm


Training Programs Available: 6 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


You start with lots of credits but most of your stored goods gone. You can now buy argon gas, as well as continuing to extract it, but you can't launch the missiles yet.

The northern half of the map, previously forbidden, is now open. There are numerous protoraptor nests in that area, as well as one big, nasty Orox babysitting the nest in the center of the map. Pause the game and explore the map with lights. Place an automatic laser or two in each of the raptor nests.

Now buy some argon and place as many warehouses as you can to speed up argon delivery to those lasers.

You can plant a few lasers in the nest with the Orox, but put them around the perimeter, not right next to the Orox, or they'll be destroyed immediately. If you pause and un-pause the game strategically, you may be able to distract the Orox with lights long enough for your lasers to clean out the nest. Just keep an eye on things and sell any lasers that are about to be destroyed. That way you won't lose all the credits you spent on them.

If you can't manage to clean out the nest near the Orox, send your soldier robots up to finish the job. Although you can kill the Orox with a ring of 5 or 6 automatic lasers, you don't have to do this in order to beat the level, just destroy all the pods and any raptors that manage to hatch.

If you've destroyed all the pods in the nests and the goal countdown clock still shows a few raptors remaining, you'll need to locate them. Use the mini-map in the bottom left corner of the screen (enemies are indicated by blue dots). Then send soldiers after them or use a chain of lights to lure them to your base where your lasers can get them.

Other tips: If you use this strategy, the mission won't take too long. You might want to let a few raptors live for a while just to have some time to build up your defenses and warehouse stores. In the next mission you'll benefit from lots of argon and electronics to re-arm the missiles once you've launched the first three. These carry over to the next mission, so feel free to stockpile. (Don't lay in iridium, though, since that doesn't carry over.)

Also, if you have extra credits toward the end, spend them on machinery (even things you won't use, like scavenger bunkers). Then when the next mission starts, sell these items for credits. You'll get a lot more than the small credit "carry over" the game gives you.

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