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[first civilian mission]

Planet: Aggerholm


Training Programs Available: 6 (all types; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


If you haven't done so already, kill the single Orox that was guarding the raptor nest in the last mission. Sell any lights and lasers sitting in the northern zone, and then concentrate on beefing up your stores and defenses. You want to be prepared for a massive assault before launching your missiles at the Orox base.

As you can afford them, buy commandos. If you already have 12 soldiers and/or dogbots, sell some of them to make room for commandos. These are more expensive but also more powerful and and a lot faster.

Continue extracting argon and making electronics. You can now buy these items, but you're better off spending most of your credits on commandos. Put Stig on an argon gas rig to start. You can give him an extra star in this skill if you want.

Most of the Orox stay near their base in the northeast corner of the map until you launch your attack, but a few stragglers may head for your base. Make sure you have the gaps in the rocks fortified with automatic lasers. Placing a few manual lasers inside these gaps can also come in handy.

When you have at least 8 commandos and enough electronics and argon to arm at least 2 more missiles (40+ argon and 20+ electronics), you can start your attack.

Save the game (in case things go wrong and you need to try again). Pause and have each of the 3 missiles target the Orox base. Un-pause and watch the base get blown to smithereens. Now the Orox begin their slow march toward your base.

At first the Orox move in clumps, so you can use additional missiles to damage them. Pause production on 2 of the 3 missiles, so all the resources go to the one that isn't paused. Once all argon and electronics are in place for one, then un-pause production on another. When first missile is ready, save the game (under a new name so you have a choice of save points from which to reload) and launch the missile at a cluster of Orox. Keep them in place by surrounding them with lights to shoot at. Otherwise they will move away from the target spot. One missile will damage several Orox if they're close enough together.

Continue building and launching as many missiles as you can while the Orox move toward you. That way, by the time they near the base most should already be damaged. (Save the game before each launch in case the Orox move off the target point. Then you can reload and try again.)

Meanwhile, buy as many commandos as you can afford. If you have some extra credits, save a few thousand for lights and emergency argon, and use the rest to buy soldiers and/or dogbots. Place their posts near the base away from the danger zone.

At this point it's OK to start selling off base structures for credits. As the title says, it's death or glory, so don't worry about your stuff, just get the job done.

Now begin luring the Orox into your traps by placing lines of lights a few inches apart on the map, leading from where the Orox are currently to the gaps in the rock wall around your base. You have been fortifying these gaps by placing automatic and manual lasers below them, right?

Move your commandos (and any other fighting bots) up to the northeast of the base, below the fortifications. While this is happening, take care of the needs of the colonists who will work the power desk, manual lasers and at least 2 engineering repair facilities. Watch the Oroxes' movement and then move the commandos to intercept when the Orox reach your lasers. Send the laser operators out too and concentrate all your firepower on any Orox that tries to breach your defenses.

Where space permits, build a few small bio domes between your lasers and the attacking Orox. In many cases, the Orox will concentrate their fire on the domes, giving your lasers and commandos time to kill the aliens.

Also, make sure you have at least 2 operatives working engineering repair. (In my game, a bug prevented repair work on the commandos. I'm hoping this is not true for everyone's game. You should be able to repair your 6000-credit soldiers when they take damage.)

Some tips on using the commandos: They move quickly but, like regular soldiers and dogbots, they can't fire while moving. So have them run to a point within firing range of an Orox. Then select all commandos and have them target a single Orox at a time. (Pausing the game while you select and target helps a lot.) Place a few lights close to the Orox to distract it, but if it starts shooting at one of your commandos, select only that one and have it run to a point out of range while the others continue shooting. Once the Orox starts shooting at another commando, move it out of the way and move the first back in range so it can start shooting again. You want to try and concentrate fire from your robots, automatic and manual lasers as much as possible. Then the Orox will go down relatively quickly. When that happens, concentrate on the next Orox and the next.

If a commando suffers critical damage (health bar in the red), select only that one commando and click the red button to send it back to its post. Hopefully one of your engineering repair droids will take care of it then it can be sent back to the fight. If not, sell just that one and buy another if you can afford it. (It's better to sell a damaged bot than let it be destroyed and lose all the credits you spent.)

Once enough of the Orox are in close combat with your commandos that you can no longer target them with missiles, stop missile production and begin placing more lasers near the combat area. Any argon you extract will then go to to those lasers instead of the missiles.

Near the end of the mission you may think you've killed every Orox but still the goal indicator shows some alive out there somewhere. The problem is, as time goes by, more Orox enter the map up by the base. Use the mini-map in the bottom left corner of the screen to locate any stragglers: enemies show up as blue dots in the blackness. At this point you'll have to bring the fight to them or risk even more Orox arriving while you wait for that one or two to lumber down to you. Move your commandos up to intercept and use the tips above to destry that last one or two enemies.

Whew! You did it. Great job!

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