Space Colony Computer Game - Cheat Codes

I am only aware of two cheats for this game. If you're stuck, before using these codes, you might want to check out my walkthrough for the mission that's giving you trouble. You may find answers that can help you do it yourself. Or, you could try the mission on a lower difficulty setting.

But, if all else fails, try these:

LEVEL SKIP - Go to the Bridge Screen (by pressing the space bar or clicking on the bridge) and click on Mothership. Then press Alt + Shift + Y (simultaneously). Un-pause the game if it was paused and the 'Mission Success' screen should come up.

Macintosh Version:
Go to the Bridge Screen (by pressing the space bar or clicking on the bridge) and click on Financials. Then press Command + O simultaneously (i.e., the Apple key and the letter O not the number zero). This gives you 10,000 credits and can be repeated up to a maximum of 100,000 credits. (Thanks to moodyfeline for this.)
PC Version: Same as the Mac version except go to the Financials section of the Bridge screen and press Alt + Shift + O simultaneously (again, that's the letter O not the number zero).

Training Bug - Though it's not exactly a cheat code, this useful bug enables you to get free training. After training an operative using the training pod, immediately send him or her to a library to train again in the same skill. The library training does not use up one of the authorized training programs, so you essentially get two skill levels for the price of one. (Thanks to Jay W. for this excellent tip.)

Unofficial Game Trainer - This downloadable program allows you to enable various cheat codes, including maxing out credit balance, oxygen, power and/or colonists' needs, make buildings invulnerable, destroy enemies, etc. For more info, see the Downloads page.

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