Sandbox Mode

In addition to the main game and Galaxy Mode missions, Space Colony includes 8 Sandbox Mode missions. These have no specific goals. Rather, you start with a crew, budget and map and decide what you want to accomplish. To access Sandbox Mode, first click the Play button in the main menu, then click the Sandbox Mode button.

Naturally there are no walkthroughs for this type of mission, but the synopses below describe what you can expect on each world. All Sandbox missions start on an unexplored planet with only basic facilities including bridge, oxygen and minimal power. Available training includes 50 programs of all types, using either the training pod or library.

Planet: Pargi-Nahkhiir

Start with: 40,000 credits; stores of nutrients, space chicken and argon.

Available Resources: iron, nutrients, titanium, iridium, silicon, pharmaceuticals, argon.

Personnel: All (arrive in three groups: at start then on days 2 and 5)

Notes: This planet is a bit of a challenge because you have a large crew and minimal building space due to lava and rock formations. Build shields and space bike posts right away to prevent damage/injury from volcanic activity.

Planet: Opik

Start with: 18,000 credits, no stored resources.

Available Resources: iron, nutrients, titanium, argon.

Personnel: Babette, Nailer, Ashia, Bhoomi, Barbara.

Notes: Frequent meteor showers make shields a priority. Extra training will help you make use of the small crew, since most colonists will need to do double duty to get all necessary work done.

Planet: Mutt

Start with: 15,000 credits; stores of nutrients, iron and argon.

Available Resources: iron, nutrients, titanium, iridium, argon.

Personnel: Stig, Dean, Vasilios, Hoshi, Kita, Nailer.

Notes: The main hazards here are lava and lava beetles. Getting by will not be difficult as long as you protect your facilities with automatic lasers and keep after the engineering repair.

Planet: Hobu

Start with: 10,000 credits, no stored resources.

Available Resources: iron, nutrients, titanium, iridium, silicon, pharmaceuticals, argon.

Personnel: Venus, Dean, Daisy, Hoshi, Kita, Babette, Nailer, Barbara.

Notes: Basically a resource-rich planet with no hazards (at least none I witnessed, though it's possible something might come along if you play long enough).

Planet: Nirk

Start with: 10,000 credits, stores of nutrients and iron.

Available Resources: iron, nutrients, titanium, pharmaceuticals.

Personnel: Billy Bob, Nikolai, Daisy, Charles, Vasilios, Hoshi, Kita, Zhang.

Notes: The main hazard is the spineweed. Sell the initial iron stores, buy argon, and start placing cluster bombs a.s.a.p. Extra warehouses will deliver argon to the bombs more efficiently. As the bombs eradicate the spineweed, sell them and place new ones farther out to expand your perimeter. Start bringing in resources as soon as you can to pay for argon and bombs. Later, weeding will also become necessary as other plants begin to spread.

Planet: Hunt

Start with: 20,000 credits; stores of nutrients, argon and silicon.

Available Resources: iron, titanium, iridium, silicon, argon.

Personnel: Venus, Stig, Tami, Billy Bob, Charles; Day 2: Nailer and Bhoomi.

Notes: This planet includes just about every hostile creature in the game. They don't all show up at once, but the threats escalate as time passes. So heed the Blackwater computer's warning and build solid defenses as soon as possible.

Planet: Orav

Start with: 20,000 credits, no stored resources.

Available Resources: None.

Personnel: Venus, Stig, Slim, Dean, Candy.

Notes: With nothing to mine, your main source of income will be tourism. So place tourist facilities early. With such a small crew, you'll need to train everyone in several jobs. Having someone (Dean?) build androids will also help a lot. The Tourism Tutorial explains how to succeed in the hospitality business.

Planet: Leethir

Start with: 15,000 credits, stores of nutrients.

Available Resources: iron, nutrients, titanium, iridium, silicon, argon.

Personnel: Candy, Daisy, Charles, Greg, Nailer, Barbara.

Notes: You don't have the most motivated crew, but fortunately the hazards on this world are minimal. Mostly you'll need to keep everyone happy and bring in enough resources to get by. It's not a big challenge.

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