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This site includes many links that trigger pop-up information windows. These provide more detail without cluttering up the main pages. In order to use them, you must have Javascript enabled in your web browser and, if you use a pop-up blocker, add to your whitelist. Check the individual programs' help files if you're not sure how to do this.

You won't encounter any advertising or other malicious pop-ups here, but if you would prefer not to use the pop-ups, this site functions just fine without them. The Reference Library includes most of the information in the pop-ups.

Main Sections

  1. Getting Started
  1. Overview of the system requirements and basic game structure.
  2. How to bypass the false trojan alert generated by some virus-protection programs.
  1. Interface & Keys - More detailed information on the game interface and keyboard shortcuts.
  2. General Tips - Some (hopefully) useful tips on getting started in the game, dealing with colonists who won't do what you want them to do and so on.
  3. Reference Library - Collects all the information given in the pop-up info windows so you can save or print if you like. (PDF version here.) Includes:
  1. Objects
  1. Bridge Objects
  2. Engineering Objects
  3. Food & Drink Objects
  4. Furniture Objects
  5. Human Resource Objects
  6. Industry Objects
  7. Military Systems Objects
  8. Recreation Objects
  9. Tourism Objects
  10. Extra & Miscellaneous Objects
  1. Aliens
  2. Personnel Roster
  3. Resources
  4. Vegetation
  5. Robots
  1. Walkthroughs - Detailed hints and strategies for beating each of the main game missions. Divided into General, Civilian and Military missions. (PDF version here.)
  2. Galaxy Mode - Similar to the main game walkthroughs but focused more on strategy, since it is assumed you've already beaten the main game. (PDF version here.)
  3. Sandbox Mode - Basic info on what you can expect on each Sandbox Mode planet. Since these missions are open-ended, there are no specific goals, hence no walkthroughs.
  4. Planet Editor - An overview of the tools used to create your own maps. Use in conjunction with the Campaign Editor, below. (PDF version here.)
  5. Campaign Editor - An overview of the tools used to create your own missions. (PDF version here.) Includes also sub-sections on the following topics:
  1. Editors Tutorial
  2. Setting Conditions & Actions
  3. Complete Conditions & Actions Lists
  4. Creating Multiple-Mission Campaigns
  5. Setting Up A Fribulan, Competing or Inactive Base
  6. Forbidden Zones
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Sharing Your Campaigns
  9. PDF version of all above editor files
  1. Space Colony v. 1.1 Patch - How to download the patch to update your game to version 1.1 and what the patch does. (PC version only.)
  2. Links - Hyperlinks to other Space Colony sites.
  3. Cheat Codes - Instructions for skipping missions, banking extra credits and getting free training programs.

DOWNLOADS - Our Downloads page includes user-created missions, the official patch, an unofficial trainer, and PDF walkthrough/info files. The game demo is too big for our server, but you can find it through our Links page.



This site was started in November 2004 with the domain name It included basic game hints and (incomplete) walkthroughs. After a few months, it was taken down due to lack of interest.

In August 2005, when the official Gathering Space Colony forums closed, this site was re-opened with message boards. In November 2005, it was renamed Unfortunately the old message board database was lost at that time and so we started from scratch.

Minor tweaks are not announced but noteworthy updates are as follows:

12/05 - Main game walkthroughs finally finished.

1/26/06 - Downloads section finished, first user-created missions posted.

2/7/06 - Galaxy Mode walkthroughs finished, search/sitemap page added.

2/16/06 - General tips page updated.

5/25/06 - Ongoing trouble with the message board has forced me to remove it for now. I hope to have time to fix it at some point. When that happens, I will announce it on the front page of the site.

8/18/06 - SpaceColonyForever Yahoo Group established by boru. Since it serves all the functions of a message board, I will not be maintaining a separate forum here.

9/15/08 - Added info on Proxy-Piky/Backdoor.Ranky false trojan alert and how to bypass it (on the Getting Started page).

9/18/08 - Added PWRmad's first Space Colony campaign, Aspen 4, to the downloads section. Hope to see more from him soon.

7/3/10 - Added Meow Colony's Macintosh campaign, Protoraptor Farm, to the downloads section.

8/29/11 - Updated site design slightly.

9/15/11 - Added 21 new user-created missions to the downloads page, including Matthew's 18-part Solar System campaign, 2 other missions of his, and Cav's Risa campaign.

11/8/12 - Added information about the new Space Colony HD re-release.

4/5/15 - Added info about the new Space Colony: Steam Edition, including a Q&A with the developers at Firefly Studios.

Text and site design copyright © 2004- Stellalune. Game art, screenshots, Space Colony name and logo copyright © 2003- Firefly Studios and Gathering of Developers. All rights reserved. See the main page for copyright guidelines.