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These flying predators hatch from eggs. They defend their territory viciously by spitting strong acid at any foreign structures they encounter. Lasers will not target acidwings, so you'll need to use sentinels or hovermines to kill them.

death angel

Death Angel
Trans-Dimensional Entity 7a—or "Death Angel" as it is more commonly known—is a rare but dangerous creature. Death angels' ethereal bodies make them difficult to spot until they're close enough to kill you. They emit energy blasts that can level the strongest base structures in moments. Lasers and other conventional weapons are effective against them. The trick is destroying the angels before they can destroy your weapons. Death angels do not appear in any of the main game missions. They are found in a few of the Galaxy Mode missions and can be included in user-created levels.

Fribulan soldiers

Frib are a bit like humans: Some are nice, some not so nice. (OK, let's admit it. Most Fribulan aren't so nice.) In various missions you'll find yourself competing against Fribulan miners, fighting against Fribulan soldiers and hosting Fribulan tourists in your hotels.

The Fribulan construct their bases in swamps, using natural resources to "grow" new units. In addition to the humanoid Frib (which are armed with some sort of energy rifle), you will encounter a number of Fribulan creations and companions, including the following:

Fribulan eye

Fribulan Eye
We're not exactly sure what the bodies attached to the Fribulan eyes look like. From what we can tell, they function as spies, poking their eyestalks up from the swamp and relaying information back to the Fribulan mother. No wonder the Frib always seem to know where we've begun building.

Fribulan harvester

Fribulan Harvester
These "living machines," born from the Fribulan mother, are the equivalent of our resource extractors. Harvesters, ridden by Fribulan soldiers, vacuum up mineral resources and process them into bubbles, which are carried back to the mother and then shuttled up to Frib ships by their transporters. Fortunately, harvesters aren't very tough. They can easily be destroyed with automatic lasers. Just watch out for the other Frib usually found protecting the harvesters.

Fribulan lung

Fribulan Lung
These "living machines," are somewhat akin to humans' argon gas rigs. They sit in the swamps and extract argon from gas vents. The Frib, however, use argon as a major component in building their bases. So a base with many working lungs will expand more quickly and its mother will birth soldiers, harvesters and ogres more quickly. So, destroying Fribulan lungs will slow their overall progress.

fribulan mother

Fribulan Mother
This living being serves as the Fribulan base, so destroying it is the way to defeat the Fribulan. Fribulan creatures are born here, and resources are transported to and from the mother by the Fribulan transporter, in the same way a trade shuttle ferries resource for a human base.

Fribulan ogre

Fribulan Ogre
These are the Fribulan heavy cavalry, born from the Fribulan mother. Ogres, ridden by Fribulan soldiers, march relentlessly toward your base, destroying every structure in their path with a kind of acid-spit attack. Ogres are tough, but you can take them down with well placed lasers, hovermines or other military systems.

fribulan spitter

Fribulan Spitter
This is the Fribulan equivalent of the automatic laser—a living being that spits organic ammunition at approaching enemies. Spitters are stationary, so you can either avoid them or destroy them with your own lasers, soldiers or other military hardware.

Fribulan tourists

Fribulan Tourists
Unlike some of their more hostile cousins, Fribulan tourists aren't very dangerous. But they can cause trouble in your base by taking over workstations, fighting with your operatives, and breaking things. If the mission allows, prevent these so-called "Fribulan friends" from getting into your base by placing automatic lasers outside every airlock, or even selling airlocks when the Frib approach to give your lasers a chance to shoot them before they can get inside.

Fribulan transporter

Fribulan Transporter
This living being serves as a Fribulan trade shuttle, carrying resources to and from the Fribulan mother. Transporters cannot be destroyed. You'll need to destroy the mother to stop the Frib from moving resources.


These huge gorilla-like creatures emit a powerful sonic roar that can destroys base structures. Most available weapons can kill a goriloid, provided they last long enough to do the job. A handy trick is to wait for the goriloid to approach within weapons range and then plant a few inexpensive lights in front of it to distract it while your weapons do their job.

Host & archangel

The giant, floating brain creatures known as The Host seem to emerge from stone monoliths found on certain planets. Whether they are actual entities or psychic projections of some other being is unclear. Hosts are tough foes and can only be destroyed using manual lasers. Each Host controls several 'archangels', skull-like flying heads that swoop down and attack colonists, driving them insane. If this happens, send the unstable operative to a counseling robot or detention facility until mental health is restored.


These lumbering giants attack with a seismic stomp that does tremendous damage to base structures. Lasers and other conventional weapons will kill them, provided you have enough weapons so they aren't all destroyed by the quakes. You may be better off sending operatives or mobile, hard-hitting soldier robots to intercept the hyrasucs before they reach the base, since people and soldier bots are immune to their attacks.

lava beetle

Lava Beetle
As the name suggests, this insect thrives in volcanic areas. Lava beetles explode on contact with base structures, damaging anything (or anyone) nearby. If possible use automatic lasers to defend lava power plants and any other structures that must be placed near where the beetles spawn.

marsh fariy & hatcher

Marsh Fairies & Hatcher
The marsh fairy hatcher is a Fribulan creation that spawns marsh fairies, our human euphemism for those nasty little flying jellyfish that float over your base damaging any structures they collide with.


Mechanoids are similar to space gremlins in their propensity for attacking base structures rather than people. However, these rogue cyborgs are much more destructive. They tunnel up through the floor of your base and begin trashing objects before you even realize they're there. Weapons systems won't target them, since they're inside the base. So send your fastest operatives to the scene and they will destroy the mechanoids with hand-held lasers.


These doe-eyed, gelatinous creatures are what some might call "cute." Because of their docile nature and tendency to bond with human companions, they are often adopted as space pets. Whether or not this is a good thing is debatable.


These huge aliens are tough as rock and shoot powerful lasers from their hands. They can rip through conventional defenses, so it's best to combine lasers and other military hardware with more mobile commandos or soldiers to fight them. Some missions require that you destroy the Orox base in order to defeat them.


These vicious predators tend to travel in packs, destroying any structure (or person) in their path. Rumor is they were genetically engineered by the SPACE Feds as a living weapon but somehow escaped from the lab. All we know for sure is they're dangerous.

protean worm mother

Protean Worm
These dangerous creatures are attracted by sound. They tunnel up from underground and spit acid at your base, quickly destroying smaller objects. Lasers will kill the regular worms, but you'll need mobile, hard-hitting soldier robots to take on the gigantic protean worm mothers that spawn the smaller worms.

rockhoppers & queen

Rock Hoppers
Rockhopper queens are large, stationary creatures whose sole function is to spawn swarms of baby rockhoppers. These smaller flying insects damage base structures and colonists. The swarms can be killed with automatic lasers, but the best way to deal with rockhoppers is to destroy the queens using a few well-placed force field posts before they can hatch any young. (A helpful screenshot of this technique is shown here.)


These adorable little one-eyed critters are generally harmless. The only problem is, on some planets, they carry a plague, which can be fatal to colonists who contract it. To cure the rodent disease you'll need medi bays stocked with advanced pharmaceuticals.

space gremlins

Space Gremlin
While not exactly dangerous, gremlins can do quite a bit of damage. They scurry into your base when you aren't looking and make kamikaze attacks on any mechanical objects they can reach. You must then fix everything they've broken using a maintenance post. The good news is operatives will shoot at them, and if you can manage to protect all your airlocks with automatic lasers, few gremlins will make it inside.

space chicken

Space Chicken
This fearsome predator is the scourge of the galaxy. . . just kidding. Actually it's a fat, dumb creature genetically engineered to taste great and put up little or no resistance. Grow them using chicken farmer units and then either sell the processed space chicken or serve it in your restaurants. Yum!

Spineweed, Giant (See Vegetation.)

stripper mound and insects

Stripper Mound & Insects
Stripper insects live inside the mound (like Earth termites) and swarm out periodically to devour plant matter, including valuable resources like cylincsus and hydromorphus. The beetles can be killed with automatic lasers, but you'll need to assign an operative to a weeding post to burn away the mounds before they spread.

Venusian slugs

Venusian Slug
These creatures aren't particularly dangerous, but they do leave sticky slime trails wherever they go. This lowers base hygiene levels, grossing out your operatives and damaging your Tourism Rating. Slugs also reproduce quickly, spawning baby slugs almost faster than you can kill them. Automatic lasers can deal with a few slugs, but larger numbers may require manual lasers. Better yet, prevent slugs from ever reaching your base by placing barriers of high-powered force field posts where they enter the map.

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