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fun with aliens!Gathering Space Colony Site - (Official site. No longer active.)

Firefly Space Colony Site - The developers' site includes an overview of the game and a link to another demo download site.

Firefly Worlds - Home of the game's developers. Also includes information about the Stronghold series. We're looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next.

Aspyr Media - Space Colony for Macintosh - Includes storyline, screenshots, demo, support, etc., for the Mac version.

Take2Games - Tech support for the PC version. Includes patch download, registration and general help.

Armchair Empire interviewed Firefly Studios' Paul Harris back in 2003. If you're curious about the game's development, check this out.

Chromeo - Pee Thug and Dave 1Chromeo - Home page of the Canadian retro-'lectro-pop duo we can all worship/blame for creating Space Colony's infectious theme song, "You're So Gangsta."

Game Reviews - Waaaay back when the game was released, a number of media gave it great reviews. Some of these, as well as a few less-than-glowing ones are linked here.

Miscellaneous Space Colony Downloads

Head for my site's Downloads page for the official demo and bonus campaign (both Windows and Macintosh versions), as well as the PC game patch and two different Space Colony video trailers.

The following sites include some of the same files, along with various other Space Colony downloads:

Space Colony Fan Sites & Mission Downloads

Here is a list of fan sites. If you know of any Space Colony sites, or if you have one and would like it listed here, please let me know. Sites with mission downloads include the disk icon .

  • spacecolonyforever Yahoo Group - Discussion and campaign sharing for die-hard fans like us.
  • Biodome M - French fan site by our forum friend Manuel. Includes game info, wallpapers and more.
  • - Includes about 20 Space Colony maps with well-plotted campaigns.
  • Lord Kor's Realm - This link leads to the Space Colony mission downloads page on a larger site, which also includes original music, game reviews, etc.
  • Lord Wibble's Links - Info on all the Firefly games, including Space Colony.
  • Munky Whaymes's site - Small site with a walkthrough in progress and one campaign to download.

Link to this Site

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Other Fun & Useful Sites

WinZip® - If you download user-created missions, you may need an archive utility to open the .zip files. WinZip is just one of many archive utilities available. You won't need it if you're using Windows ME or XP, since these operating systems open .zip files automatically. If you have a Macintosh, you'll probably want StuffIt® or a similar program instead.

Bink Video - This utility lets you watch all the animations outside the game, should you want to do that. Download the free Bink Tools package, install it, and then run the program, which is called "RAD Video Tools". Use the program to browse to the animation directory (something like C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios\Space Colony\Binks, where C: is the hard drive where you have the game installed). Select the .bik file you want to play and click the button labeled "Bink It!"

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