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The jacuzzi...ja!Game Zone Review · Rating: 8.3/10
Space Colony is a fun title that mixes various styles of strategy to create a unique experience. The lighthearted look at sci-fi makes for a light atmosphere that, unlike many sci-fi titles today, goes easy on the killing and wanton destruction. While the gameplay does have a few shortcomings, this is a game that sci-fi strategy fans might want to check out. (Read Complete Review)

GameSpy Review · Rating: 4/5
"Save the Colony!" That's the rallying cry for Space Colony, a goofy and dazzlingly original game from Firefly Studios. A mind-bending mesh of a Sims-like lifestyle simulator and a space base-building RTS like StarCraft, Space Colony gets its power from glorious ingenuity. Not everything works in this trailblazing title, but there's plenty to love. (Read Complete Review)

GamePro Review · Rating: 4/5
Combining the addictive life-simulation aspects of The Sims with real-time strategy elements, Firefly Studios has produced Space Colony, a tough, funny, and very charismatic hybrid. (Read Complete Review)

BoomTown Review · Rating: 7/10
If a space ship carrying 'The Sims' was flying from Pluto at 300 km/sec and met a space ship travelling from Earth with the cast of 'Futurama' at 450 km/sec and they crashed into one another, what would be the result? Never mind what speed they were travelling at when they finally met, this game is what the survivors would end up doing when they jettisoned down to a nearby planet run by Sid Meier. (Read Complete Review)

PC Gameworld Review · Rating: 91%
Consider this a solid building game with a bit of The Sims sprinkled on top. No element gets in the way of the others, and I guarantee you won't breeze through this game effortlessly. It is difficult, but not abstractly so. You always know what you need to do, it's just a matter of prioritizing in order to get it done right. (Read Complete Review)

G4 Videogame TV Review · Rating: 4/5
"Space Colony" is a wacky, entertaining, and occasionally frustrating game that mixes elements of city building and real-time strategy. It's also a game with a lot of personality... a lot of personalities, actually.... This is really a nice game that continues to surprise and delight the more you play. There are a lot of big name titles being released right now. Don't let this little gem fall by the wayside. (Read Complete Review)

The Armchair Empire · 83/100
If you like sim and city management games, Space Colony has a lot to offer. (Read Complete Review)

Time Magazine · Top 10 of 2003
Space Colony takes the Sims concept and runs with it for about a billion miles.... (Read Complete Review)

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