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Space Colony Campaigns: Setting Up Forbidden Zones

Creating and opening forbidden zones is done in both the Planet Editor and Campaign Editor. You can have up to four forbidden zones on a map.

(NOTE: If you haven't used the Campaign Editor yet, I recommend starting with a simple campaign and working your way up to more complex features like forbidden zones.)

To use forbidden zones, first use the Planet Editor to create a map with the features you want. Then click the Forbidden Zones button, select the zone you want to designate (1-Red, 2-Yellow, 3-Green or 4-Blue) and the Brush Size you want. Then 'paint' over the entire area you want to include in the forbidden zone. The colored paint won't appear in the actual campaign. Instead the area will be surrounded by a lighted barrier and remain off-limits to the player until the condition you set in the Campaign Editor has been met.

These screenshots show the construction of a forbidden zone in the Planet editor.

You can still edit your map after the forbidden zones are in place, but it helps to have a pretty good idea of the layout before placing the forbidden zones.

If you make a mistake and want to remove all or part of a forbidden zone, just click Forbidden Zones > Free Zone and paint over the colored area to remove it.

To trigger the opening of a forbidden zone in the Campaign Editor, you'll need to create a condition/action pair to handle it. Select the condition that will trigger the zone opening. Scroll down the list of actions and choose "Open Forbidden Zone". Then choose the zone you want to open (Red, Yellow, Green or Blue) and click "OK".

When the player satisfies the condition you specify, the new zone will open, along with the usual announcement by the Blackwater computer.

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