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Planet: Catherwood


Training Programs Available: 3 (chicken extraction only; library only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Sell off the iron you collected in the previous mission. You don't need it now and do need the credits. (Go to the Bridge Screen, then Trade Controls to buy/sell resources.)

Immediately buy and place a chicken farmer unit outside the base. Set Billy Bob to work there. With Nikolai's and Candy's help (below), soon you will have amassed 60 units of processed space chicken to meet goal #2.

Buy and place 2 libraries. Assign Candy and Nikolai to study chicken extraction. (Training becomes one of their jobs.) Watch the countdown over the libraries to see when each operative will complete the training. When they do, that's goal #1 and goal #3. (See Jobs, Skill Badges & Training for more info.)

Other tips: Nikolai will finish training much more quickly, so you can then put him to work extracting chickens. This will help meet the chicken goal faster. Otherwise, you can make better use of Nikolai's skills by putting him on the power or oxygen desk.

If you need more space to build, you can set the harvest area for the nutrient extractor so it clears hydromorphus from the right side of the base.

Keep Stig mining until the iron runs out. Sell iron to buy more stuff for your base.

Use force field posts to keep mutant bees out of the base. Place one post on each side of the narrow canyon to the north. Then set up another line of posts in the wider canyon just above the base. A few bees will still get in, so you'll need to assign someone to weeding duty periodically. Clear out the podulus toxicaria before it can spread and unleash more bees.

On day 2, a new zone opens to the east. There's not much there, just more hydromorphus and some lava.

Check your power and oxygen periodically (in the Bridge Screen) and listen to the computer voice if she says power or oxygen levels are low. To increase power/oxygen, you'll need to put a more skilled operative on the power/oxygen desk and/or place more solar power plants or oxygen plants.

More new recreational stuff is available now, including Stig's favorite, the sauna.

BTW, for other ignorant Americans like me, my English chums inform me that "boffin" is slang for a scientist, especially one involved in military research. Here in the U.S., boffin' is more like what Dean and Candy get up to in the 'Heat' mission.

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