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Planet: Catherwood


Training Programs Available: 2 (chicken extraction only; library only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


A new zone has opened to the west. Place some lights to explore it and then set down a silicon extractor near the silicon deposits but away from the lava. (If the extractor robot has to walk over lava, it will take damage and possibly be destroyed before you can repair it.) Set Stig mining silicon. Place an additional silicon extractor (and a space bike post) nearby and have Venus alternate mining and engineering repair (see below).

The in-game hints suggest placing force field posts to keep lava beetles out. Since the beetles explode and damage the posts, I think this is a waste of credits. Instead, place your silicon dozers way off to left of the map, away from the lava pools.

Space chicken prices are high at the beginning of the mission but begin to fall after a few days. Keep Billy Bob on the chicken farmer and keep selling chicken as you go. The only training available is space chicken, so you could give Nikolai additional training. (It will take Candy a long time to get even one star in chicken extraction, so you may just want to put her to work on the chicken farmer with no additional training. Then move her back to cleaning when prices fall.)

If you mined all the iron in the previous mission, sell the iron extractor and place a chicken farmer unit in its place. If you need to place another chicken farmer and don't have space, clear out more hydromorphus or place the chicken farmer off to the west after you've cleared some silicon.

Keep selling resources and pretty soon you'll have the 20,000 credits you need to beat goal #1 and the mission. There is no time limit, so don't worry about Waterhouse's whining.

Use the newly available engineering repair facility to repair outdoor machines and structures damaged by mutant bees in the previous level and lava beetles in this level. Place it outside the base, assign an operative, and watch the little repair droid fly around making things right. Check the Base Conditions report of the Bridge Screen to see the number of structures needing repair.

One bug in the game is that operatives assigned to engineering repair will continue to go to that station even if nothing needs repairing. You'll need to delete the repair job or toggle repair and their other job so they don't waste time.

Assign your operatives however you see fit, but here's what I did: Stig – silicon, Venus – engineering repair/silicon, Tami – cleaning, Dean – weeding/power, Candy – chicken, Billy Bob – chicken, Nikolai – training then chicken, Daisy – oxygen/nutrient extraction.

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