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Planet: Catherwood


Training Programs Available: 2 (bio research, medi prep, maintenance; library only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


All operatives' happiness has been set at 50% to start. The base is dirty, and some key equipment, including solar power plants have been sold off.

Pause the game and set a few things straight right away. Sell any extra resources and equipment you don't need and place 2 lava power plants on the volcanic vents to the west of the base.

Attend to your operatives' special needs first. Then work on one or two other needs to get everyone in the green before sending them back to work. Pretty soon you will meet goal #1, 70% average happiness.

Place 2 argon gas rigs over the escaping gas in the black pool west of the base. Put Venus (2 stars in space gas) and Vasilios or Charles to work here right away.

Once you have collected a few canisters of argon, place a couple of automatic lasers near the lava power plants. These will help prevent lava beetles from destroying the power plants and silicon extractor. Place a few more lasers in the canyon to the north to kill bees as they enter. Some argon will be used for self-defense, but don't sell any until after you have the 10 canisters needed to complete goal #2.

As soon as possible, start buying medi bays. You'll want about 4 in all, but you can get them one at a time if you don't have the credits. By the second day, at least some of your operatives will have come down with the disease carried by the rodents. Everyone except Venus is susceptible. Put Dean on medi prep.

This complicates things a bit because you also need to make enough time for Dean and Candy to cultivate a romance. Fortunately Dean works fast (in both areas). As long as you have 4 medi bays, Dean can prep them all in one shift. Then you can delete his job and concentrate on goal #3, playing Cupid, for a while.

See the Relationship & Romance Tutorial for the basics of colonist matchmaking. Keep in mind that the chances of one saying yes when the other pops the question are just that, chances. Start having them ask "Will you be mine?" early on, even when chances are low. You (and they) might get lucky. One time I had Candy ask Dean at on Day 0, hour 1, when there was only a 12% chance he'd say yes, and he did. So don't waste too much time wining and dining.

Other tips: To conserve power, sell equipment and lights you are no longer using. Buy an engineering repair facility and send operatives to work on it as needed to repair bug damage.

You can train another operative in medi prep (Nikolai is a good choice since he learns fast), but if you work efficiently, you can manage with just Dean.

Finally, don't knock yourself out sending Vasilios to different recreational activities. The only thing he enjoys is the observatory, which you won't get until the next mission.

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