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Planet: Catherwood


Training Programs Available: 2 (repair, industrial robotics, bio research, weeding, power, oxygen, medi prep, cleaning, maintenance; library and training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Pharmaceuticals are finally available (through Trade Controls), and the colonists and lasers will now target the rodents. Immediately sell whatever you don't need and buy a shipment of pharmaceuticals. The warehouse droids will deliver these to each medi bay. (Add another warehouse or two to move resources more quickly.) Once they are in place, send any operatives afflicted with the rodent disease to be cured.

Keep all or most of your argon and place more lasers near your airlocks to kill the rodents before they get in.

Light up the newly opened area to the southeast of the base to find the iridium. There's also iron to the south, which will fetch a better price than silicon. Keep Stig mining to get the credits. You'll need 5000 to buy a scavenger bunker for gathering iridium crystals.

The closest you can place the scavenger bunker to the iridium is on the other side of the lava field. The scavenger robot will take damage from the heat. So assign at least one operative to engineering repair. Unfortunately you can't choose what the repair droid fixes first, so if it's trying to fix something non-essential, like a light, while your scavenger is getting fried, just delete (sell) the non-essential items that are damaged.

If the scavenger is destroyed, instead of buying a whole new bunker, you can build a new robot. Buy an industrial robotics factory. It needs 2 units of iron and 2 electronics to build a scavenger. You receive 2 electronics automatically at the start of the mission. If you need more, you can buy it or use an electronics fabricator to make more out of raw silicon you have mined.

Assign Nikolai to work the scavenger, since he has the most skill. Before long you'll have 10 units of iridium to meet goal #1.

Goal #2 is not stated on the briefing screen, but you automatically lose if 3 operatives die. As long as you use the pharmaceuticals and keep an eye on everyone, this should not be a problem.

Other tips: After a few days the weapons systems malfunction. At this point you'll probably need to assign two operatives to engineering repair, at least part-time, to handle repairs on the scavenger, lava power plants, etc.

When you can afford it, get an observatory for Vasilios, since it is the only thing that can make him happy. (Nikolai and Daisy will also enjoy it.)

When you have finished Mission #8, Evacuation, you will be able to choose between the civilian or military path. (Choosing one doesn't rule out the other. You can play the other set of missions later.) Return to the walkthrough menu or choose the next walkthrough from the links below.

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