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System: Ussvald     Planet: Von Funck


Training Programs Available: 5 (mining, nutrient extraction, space gas, scavenging, power, oxygen, medi prep; training pod only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.

IMPORTANT: In the patched version of the game it is much easier to manage the robot soldiers needed to beat this mission. If you have not already downloaded and installed this patch, be sure to do so before starting this mission. See the Military Robots and Space Colony v. 1.1 Patch pages for more info.

If you have beaten the Fribulan missions in the main game, you shouldn't have any trouble with this level. However, if you want, you can set the difficulty level to easy to avoid Fribulan ogres.


First deal with the immediate threat of the spineweed. Sell the stockpiled iron and any structures you don't need or that are about to be destroyed. Buy cluster bombs and argon, and place the bombs near the spineweed but not so close that they are destroyed before they are armed. Build additional warehouses to move argon to the weapons more quickly. As the cluster bombs push back the spineweed, sell them and place more a little farther out. Four cluster bombs in a line along the eastern edge of the base should be enough.

However you do it, it is absolutely critical to maintain a good supply of argon. I recommend buying instead of extracting it, since the Frib will soon destroy any gas rigs you build. Also, your operatives will be more useful elsewhere.

Once the spineweed is under control, place a few automatic lasers near the iron extractor below the base. They'll take care of marsh fairies and Fribulan soldiers. That should be enough defenses to start. Add more lasers when you can afford them.

Continue mining and selling iron until you can buy a scavenger and another cluster bomb. Find the iridum to the east near the top of the map. Place a scavenger there and protect it from the spineweed to the left with a cluster bomb. Add automatic lasers below, since the Frib will approach from the south. Have Nikolai work the scavenger and keep Venus on the iron extractor until you can afford a second scavenger and another scavenging badge for Venus. Then sell the iron rig and reassign Venus.

You can't use iridium for power, but selling it boosts your income substantially. Continue building basic defenses, but save most of your credits for soldier posts. They cost 4000 credits each and you'll need at least 6 to 8, preferably a full complement of 12.

You'll also need additional power plants and/or power training in order to run a squad of soldiers.

As you prepare your assault, keep an eye on the Fibulan base. It's fairly well lit, so you can see what is being spawned and sent in your direction. It may be possible to slow the Frib somewhat by destroying harvesters, lungs, etc., but it's probably more cost-effective to concentrate on protecting your own structures and banking credits.

The first Fribulan ogre shows up around day 3. It will most likely approach the base near the iron extractor area. Leave the lasers you had placed there earlier. They will weaken, if not kill, the ogre. If it gets through, place more lasers just below the base to finish the job. Replace any lasers the ogre destroys after it is dead. Later, some ogres will head north toward the scavengers. Be sure to place plenty of protective lasers.

Here's a handy defensive trick: When an ogre approaches, wait until your lasers lock onto it. Then plant a small bio dome between the lasers and the ogre. The beast will concentrate its attacks on the dome. Before it can do too much damage, the lasers will destroy it. When the ogre dies, sell the dome and repeat when the next ogre shows up. This works with Fribulan soldiers as well. (These screenshots show similar arrangements in other missions.)

When you have a squad of soldiers ready, meet all of Venus's needs and then switch her to engineering repair. She can repair the soldiers as they take the fight to the Frib.

Save the game and then start the assault. March the soldiers down past the iron rig and then across the bottom of the map to the Fribulan mother. Kill any ogres, soldiers and spitters you encounter, but ignore the lungs and harvesters. To direct the soldiers to target specific enemies, select one or more soldiers, move them within range and then repeatedly left-click on the desired target. Keep in mind soldiers won't shoot while moving.

When the soldiers reach the mother, have them target it exclusively unless it births an ogre, spitter or soldier. Kill anything that can damage your soldiers and then return your attention to the mother.

If the fight is almost won and you have lost some soldiers, build a few more a short distance from the mother. There are a few dry spots in the swamp where you can place them. The soldier posts are vulnerable so close to the enemy. So only use this strategy if you're about to win and just need a little more firepower. Continue shooting the Fribulan mother until it is destroyed.

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