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System: Ussvald     Planet: Pakendorf


Training Programs Available: 50 (laser, cleaning, maintenance; library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Starting litter level is 50%; happiness is 10%. So, before you can address the impending host threat, you'll need to get your base and crew in shape. Pause the game and rearrange things a bit. Connect a small dome to each of the larger domes, except the one in the southwest, and move all the beds into the small domes. Move everything from the southwest dome and sell it. You won't need it, and removing it will reduce litter substantially. Don't sell those cryo pods, though. You'll need them when you start fighting the Host aliens.

Make sure each bigger dome has one or more hygiene pods, cleaning posts and recreational objects, as well as a cash machine and mess hall. Choose entertainment based on the tastes of the colonists who'll be sleeping or working there. Setting things up this way means people will not have to go far to meet all their needs.

Add power and oxygen plants as needed. Later, you'll probably want to switch to iridium power, but it will be a while before you can afford to start scavenging. Add additional warehouses early on to supply the mess halls and, later, the lasers.

Once the base is set up, begin meeting colonists' needs. Start with their special needs (e.g., Stig to the mess hall, Dean to the shower, Zhang to bed, etc.) and then gradually see to the other needs. Juggling so many colonists is challenging. Pause while assigning tasks so colonists don't waste time doing things you don't want them to do.

Even if you manage things fairly well, you'll probably end up with one or two unstable operatives. Send them to counseling robots or detention facilities until their mental health is restored. Each person's colonist panel shows which facility works best for him, or you can check the list in the previous unstable ops link. Use the same strategy later when the Host aliens begin messing with your colonists' minds.

As soon as an operative's overall happiness levels is in the green, assign him or her to a work station. Power, oxygen and cleaning are the most important things at this point. Get them covered even if operatives have to take turns. Continue meeting needs as they arise.

Once most colonists are happy, start building defenses. Buy two more argon gas rigs and assign all three trained operatives (Venus, Stig and Charles). You may want Venus on the oxygen desk at first to build up a good air supply. Switch her to argon as soon as possible, though. If you haven't already added several warehouses, do that soon.

Start training operatives to work the manual lasers. Charles and Slim already have fairly good skill, but Stig could use another star or two. Use the training pod for him, so he can get back to the argon rig quickly. Mr. Zhang can earn several laser badges using just the library. since he studies so quickly and has no other work to do. Place the library and other necessary objects near his bed. Train any other laser operators you want. For example, Hoshi and Kita can run the scavenger(s) if you decide to switch to iridium power, but there's time at the beginning to give them laser training as well.

(NOTE: I had a problem with the nutrient extractor and scavenger when I placed them near the southeast dome. I'm not sure if it was a bug or just rocks and vegetation blocking the entrance, but my operatives would not use them. I found that placing the nutrient extractor right up against the bio dome allowed the operator to get inside. Then I cleared the hydromorphus around the iridium and put a scavenger there. With the vegetation removed, the scavenger worked fine.)

On day 3, the Anti-Fun League removes all the recreational objects. As soon as you receive the warning message, pause the game and sell all recreational objects before they disappear. That will save a few credits. Replace them when you can.

On day 6, solar flares burn out many of the power plants. It's a good opportunity to switch to iridium power if you haven't already, since you'll need to buy new power plants anyway. However you achieve it, you'll want a steady power supply to the lasers when you need them.

The monoliths activate, spawning Host aliens, on day 10. By then, you should have a good supply of argon and fairly happy colonists. There are only two Hosts, so killing them isn't too hard. As in the Celensoan B missions, the Host will hover over the base looking for operatives to torment. When they strike, operatives will become mentally unstable. Send them to counseling or detention, as needed. When they're cured, meet their other needs and send them back to work.

The Host aliens return to their monoliths after each turn around the base. Place several manual lasers around each monolith and man them when the aliens return to their monoliths. Each time you shoot at a Host, it will destroy the laser, killing the operator. Replace the laser and wait for the ambulance shuttle to come down from the mother ship and retrieve the body. Shortly afterward, you'll see that operative appear inside the cryogenic reanimation unit. Click on the unit and then click "Re-Animate Colonist" to revive your operative. Tend to his needs and then send him back to the lasers. Repeat until both Host aliens have been destroyed.

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