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System: Ussvald     Planet: Meyer-rust


Training Programs Available: 7 (mining, nutrient extraction, repair, space gas, lasers, weeding, power, oxygen, cleaning and maintenance; library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Pause and use lights to explore the southeast corner of the map first thing. Place an automatic laser near the protoraptor pods. Sell all but one light. Then sell the remaining lights and laser once the eggs have been destroyed.

Other than that, defeating the alien races basically involves killing a couple of Orox. One appears on day 7 at the bottom of the map. The other shows up on day 10 on the east side. Since they attack one at a time, it's not too difficult to deal with them.

Place a lava power plant over the volcanic vent just west of the base. Protect it from lava beetles with a couple of automatic lasers. Along with the existing solar power plants, this should meet your power needs for the first mission.

On a resource-rich planet like this, you can choose what you ant to sell for profit. You don't have a big subsidy from Blackwater, though, so you may want to start with silicon or iron, sell that until you can afford a couple of titanium extractors and then sell titanium through the rest of the mission. Greg is not a bad miner, as long as you keep him happy with conversation and a Jacuzzi. Stig is even better, though he doesn't arrive until day 9.

Building a scavenger to harvest the iridum to the southeast is risky, since the Orox will most likely destroy it on their way to the base. The titanium deposits to the north are safe throughout the two Meyer-rust missions.

Argon is available in the northwest corner. Place a gas rig there when you can, but plan to buy some argon as well, since you'll need quite a bit.

The biggest problem is probably the weeds. Lupulus spreads like mad and can easily overrun the base if you don't have several operatives (Nailer and others as needed) weeding. Don't worry about the stripper mounds in the far corners of the map. Just keep the lupulus away from the base to make room for additional warehouses and defenses.

For this mission, you'll only need to fortify the southeast side of the base. Place a couple of manual lasers and three or four automatic lasers alongside the main buildings. Then put down a few small bio domes just beyond them. Do not add airlocks or furnishings to these domes. They are purely defensive. Add a light or two but keep these behind the outer edges of the small domes. When the Orox arrive, first from the south, then from the east, they will target the small domes while your laser operators zap away. You may need to replace a dome or two when they are about to be destroyed, but with this setup, you shouldn't need more than lasers for defense. (These screenshots show one possible setup.)

Meteor showers are another problem. You won't be able to afford shields right away, so put someone on repair duty as needed. When you are able to buy shields, position them on the north side of the base, where they won't come under attack.

For some reason, victory does not come until a couple of days after killing the second Orox. As far as I can tell, this is not related to any particular occurrence. I played the mission several times and sometimes I burned off the stripper mounds; sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I killed lava beetles; sometimes I didn't. In all cases, mission success came shortly after killing the second Orox. If you understand this, please let me know.

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