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System: Ussvald     Planet: Meyer-rust


Training Programs Available: 2 (mining, nutrient extraction, repair, space gas, lasers, weeding, power, oxygen, cleaning and maintenance; library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


This mission begins where A Hasty Defense left off. Now you'll need to deal with Orox in greater numbers. Get military radar early on. Place it on the north side of the base, away from where most Orox will attack. It will let you know when the Orox land. Then you can track them on the mini-map. Look for the blue dots, which represent alien creatures. When you see Orox approaching, meet your laser operators' needs and get them out to the guns.

Continue mining and selling ore, extracting (and probably also buying) argon for your lasers, cleaning and repairing as needed. Assign several people to weeding duty if necessary to clear away any weeds near the base so you can build your defenses. (More on this below.) Build extra warehouses to help deliver argon to the lasers quickly. Other than that, the main focus should be on fortification and training laser operators.

Charles and Slim are ready to go with several stars in laser. Buy more training for Stig and at least one or two of the other colonists with basic laser badges.

The in-game hints suggest various defenses against the Orox, but I didn't find these necessary when using the strategy described in the previous walkthrough. This involves surrounding the base with manual and automatic lasers. Then, just beyond the lasers, place several empty small bio domes. The Orox attack these instead of your weapons, and your colonists can fight the aliens from relative safety. (These screenshot show the technique in action.)

You'll want manual lasers positioned about one small dome's width apart all along the west, south and east sides, with automatic lasers here and there for extra support. No Orox come from the north, at least not that I saw, although I'm not sure if the invasion markers are set or random. Also, there's no need to man the lasers full-time. Just wait for the Orox to approach and send the best available gunners to the hot spot.

As the mission progresses, more Orox arrive, in ones and twos, from various directions. Keep your gunners fresh (by meeting their needs) and move them around to counter the various assaults. This is why it helps to have several well-trained laser operators, as well as a few with basic or one-star skill.

If Orox soldiers start firing on structures that aren't behind the defenses (e.g., lava power plant, gas rig, etc.), sell those structures. Wait for the Orox to move on and then replace them. You'll lose some credits but not as many as if the buildings were completely destroyed.

Continue this way and you will get through the 20 days without too much trouble.

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