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System: Ussvald     Planet: Vaatz


Training Programs Available: none

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


This mission is tough but manageable. The important thing is not to take too long. If you hesitate, meteor showers and hostile aliens will destroy everything before you can get Venus where she needs to go.

First off, pause the game and place some lights to the east of the commando posts so you can see the goriloid attacking your structures. If you plant lights behind it (i.e., closer to the shield generator and manual laser), you may succeed in distracting it so your commandos can kill it before it destroys more important structures. If you can't kill the goriloid without losing any commandos, restart the mission and try again. Having all three will help later on.

While that is happening, send Venus directly to the power desk. She won't need to work there for long, though, and she won't have time to use anything in the base before mechanoids break in and start wrecking stuff. So sell off all the furniture. It's better to have the credits.

As soon as the goriloid is dead, sell anything left in the shield generator area and send the commandos south. Don't bother destroying the protoraptor pods. This takes too long. Just send the commandos down past the volcano and then eastward toward the protean worm mother. Try and distract her from spitting at the commandos by placing lights around her. Replace the lights as they are destroyed. The commandos will shoot at other targets, so direct them to target the worm by selecting them, moving them within range and then repeatedly left-clicking on the worm mother. Keep in mind that they won't shoot while moving.

Once the worm mother has taken some damage and you've stored a little power, have Venus leave the base and head down toward the commandos. As long as you don't wait too long, few if any raptors will have hatched. If any have, distract them by placing lights that lead them away from Venus.

By the time Venus reaches the commandos, the worm mother should have been killed. You'll probably lose a command or two in the process, more likely due to meteors destroying their posts than because of the worm itself.

As long as the big worm is dead, Venus should be able to make it across the bottom of the map to the other base, even without commandos to protect her. Just keep her moving, and distract raptors and baby worms with lights. There's no subsequent mission, so go ahead and sell anything and everything so you'll have credits to buy lights. Once Venus reaches the perimeter of the base, you win.

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