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System: Ussvald     Planet: Brunkhorst


Training Programs Available: 5 (mining, nutrient extraction, repair, chicken extraction, electronics, cybernetics, industrial robotics, lasers, power, oxygen, cleaning and maintenance; library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Alien invasions—primarily protoraptors, gremlins, rodents and mutant bees, along with the occasional hyrascus and group of Venusian slugs—begin early on. Military radar is already installed. This is very useful since it gives warning of most attacks.

Most of the raptors come from the northwest corner, straight down the canyon on the left side of the map, to the base. Since the titanium deposits are also located here, you'll have to set up good defenses. One strategy is to place an empty small bio dome above the warehouses and close to the canyon opening. Place a light and several automatic lasers below the dome. Then position your mining rigs below the lasers (as shown in these screenshots). When the raptors come, they'll have to claw their way through the dome to get to your structures.

As you build, keep the base compact. Sell all but one airlock (e.g., at the top of the bridge) and defend that with automatic lasers so gremlins can't get in. At first, the raptors only come from the north, but later the attacks will escalate and come from different directions. Consider that when building. Keep important structures inside a defensive perimeter.

The small bio dome defensive strategy works pretty well in this mission. This involves creating a layered perimeter with empty small domes on the outside, then lights and lasers, then your base facilities set back a bit. Attacking aliens will concentrate on the domes, giving you time to fry them with your lasers. Protect the north side first, then the south and east. (Again, these screenshots show the basic technique.)

The existing lava power plant north of the base is the exception to the compact base setup. You can probably keep it running throughout the first Brunkhorst mission if you protect it well. However, there is another volcanic vent just west of the warehouses where you can build a new, less vulnerable power plant later.

You can't extract argon yet. (In the next mission, a new zone will open where you can find some.) For now, buy argon for your lasers. Selling surplus nutrients and mining iron in addition to titanium can provide extra credits.

Your titanium-mining robot will have to go right into the raptor-infested zone to find ore. Have your best miner (probably Stig) run it, since he'll work fastest. Don't let your operative quit with the robot still out in the field. Better to have it make one or two runs then stop in a safe place. When the computer warns of incoming raptors, bring the mining robot back behind the defenses and send the operator off to do something else. When the raptors have been killed, return to mining. Give Charles, or whoever else is mining, more training when you are able.

Even using this strategy, you'll probably lose a few mining robots. You could sell the whole extractor and buy a new one, but it's cheaper in the long run to buy an industrial robotics factory and make a new mining robot. This requires 2 units of iron—another good reason to mine iron as well as titanium.

Have at least one well-trained, part-time worker on engineering repair to fix the damage done by raptors and bees. This operative can work other non-essential or shared jobs, such as nutrient extraction, cleaning and/or maintenance. Later, you may want a full-time repair person. In the second and third missions, you'll need even more, so consider spending some of your training programs on repair.

The spineweed is not active, but there will be plenty of podulus toxicaria and lupulus. Until Dean arrives on day 6, nobody has medical training, so avoid injury. Watch operatives doing weeding especially. If they are attacked, walk on lava, etc., you won't be able to help them without buying expensive medi prep training.

On day 13, a hyrascus lumbers down from the northeast toward the lava power plant. If there are no raptors nearby, send a few colonists up there to deal with it. Hand-held lasers work well, and the hyrascus wont' hurt people. If raptors approach, quickly move your people to safety using space bikes.

New zones open to the east on days 5 and 16. This means more resources to harvest but also more danger. I recommend staying down in your little corner for the most part. Grouping your structures together makes them easier to defend.

Continue mining titanium to meet the goal but concentrate equally on bringing in other resources to buy argon and build defenses. In subsequent missions you'll need even more firepower.

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