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System: Ussvald     Planet: Brunkhorst


Training Programs Available: 4 in first mission, 5 in second (mining, nutrient extraction, repair, chicken extraction, electronics, cybernetics, industrial robotics, lasers, power, oxygen, cleaning and maintenance; library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Usually each mission gets its own walkthrough, but the second and third Brunkhorst missions are similar except for the frequency and severity of alien attacks. The same basic strategies work in both, though you'll need to play closer attention to finances and defense in the second mission.

At the start of the second mission, a new zone opens to the east where you can extract argon. If you decide to build a gas rig, defend it well. Otherwise, cluster all structures near the bridge and continue buying argon.

Sell the stored titanium and buy more weaponry. You'll need it.

Other zones open at intervals throughout these two missions. Again, you can find more resources here, but spreading out your base means you are more vulnerable and must watch over a wider area. It's up to you.

As in the first mission, you'll encounter protoraptors, rodents, gremlins and slugs, along with a few hyrascus. The longer the mission runs, the greater the numbers and the more dangerous the aliens become. Soon you'll be facing acidwings (not too many but a few), goriloids and death angels.

Continue fortifying the defenses you started in the first mission. (The previous walkthrough includes suggestions.) As soon as possible, build a sentinel post. Place it on the west side of the base away from the attack zones and place the patrol markers at intervals along the perimeter behind the small domes. Use hovermines if you like but place them away from other structures. Likewise cluster bombs. (I chose not to use them since they are very expensive and use argon too quickly.)

On day 4, meteor showers begin. shields are not available, so repair or replace damaged structures. Keeping at least one operative on full-time repair duty will probably be necessary during most of the second mission. You may need two ore even three people at points in the third mission. Extra training helps them work faster.

Pause the game frequently and check all your defenses, especially when under attack. Sell anything that's about to be destroyed. If critical structures are compromised and your repair droids are off fixing less important things, sell those other objects so the droids go right where they're needed. If a dome with furniture inside is about to be destroyed, pause, build a new dome and move the furniture into it. Then sell the damaged dome and replace it. Then you won't lose everything in the dome.

Mining robots will have farther to go as the resources close to the base are used up but keep mining as long as you can. The previous walkthrough includes mining tips. Sell all the titanium but keep several units of iron on hand for replacing industrial robots.

Continue weeding but only close to the base. The lupulus is quite aggressive. Keep it under control so you have space to build. Don't let your weeding operatives stray, though, or they'll be attacked. Extra space bikes will allow them to flee to safety if necessary.

The last mission is quite challenging, but if you've been gradually strengthening your perimeter defenses, you'll manage. Remember you only need to keep the bridge standing to win. So once you've made it to the last few days, you can start selling off structures to buy argon, lasers or whatever you need. The crew can make do with smaller quarters, share beds, and have fun with only a disco and sauna. Remember, the priority is survival, not comfort.

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