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System: Mgeni     Planet: Batuuli


Training Programs Available: 7 (mining, repair, electronics, power, oxygen and cleaning; training pod only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


All operatives arrive with 50% happiness. Raise this quickly because depressed colonists are more vulnerable to Nirvana virus. You have some stored power and oxygen, so attend to everyone's needs first before going to work.

Concentrate on meeting the goal, but not to the point that your operatives' needs slide. If they contract the Nirvana virus, they'll be useless until they're cured. So it's better to take a little time off to deal with any need that slips into the yellow.

If an operative does catch Nirvana, his human contact and entertainment bars plummet, his portrait at the bottom of the screen turns red, and you'll see a swirly bluish icon above his head (as shown in this screenshot). Meet his entertainment and human contact needs right away. Then, if he still isn't cured, attend to his other needs until he feels better.

Spend most of the starting credits on a scavenger bunker and silicon extractor and start using them as soon as possible. Iridum is useful for power and can also be sold. Buy a weeding post but don't worry too much about the lupulus. Just clear it when you need space. Keep an eye on the podulus toxicaria, though, and burn it away before the mutant bees hatch.

Rearrange the furniture and add facilities as needed to keep everyone happy and virus-free. Because space is limited at first, try and buy items that most colonists will enjoy (sauna, etc.). Add more as you go. Buy base nutrients rather than wasting time processing hydromorphus.

When the second personnel shuttle arrives, attend to the new operatives' needs and then assign jobs. Nearly everyone will have to do double duty at some point while you deal with the virus. So consider your colonists' strengths and weaknesses when training, assigning tasks and arranging furniture. Place the objects that meet people's needs close to their workplaces whenever possible. This is especially important for slower colonists like Bhoomi and Zhang.

Once you've stockpiled some silicon, buy an electronics fabricator and start producing advanced electronics. As the mission progresses, train several operatives in electronics fabrication and add more fabricators.

Early on, space gremlins and mechanoids start invading your base. The gremlins just break stuff; the mechanoids will completely destroy objects if you don't stop them. To do that, send the nearest operatives within sight of the mechanoid and they'll automatically start shooting at it. (Charles and Nikolai move fast so are especially good at this.)

When you need more space, place small domes away from the base and put little-used objects inside. Don't add an airlock until you need to get in and out. That will keep gremlins out.

When the meteor showers begin, the best you can do is repair and replace damaged structures. Shields are not available.

Don't forget you need to sell electronics, not just stockpile them, to meet the goal. This also helps provide additional credits.

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