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System: Mgeni     Planet: Abayomi


Training Programs Available: 20 (chicken extraction, power, oxygen, medi prep, cleaning and maintenance; training pod only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Chaos, indeed. Before the first few days are up, the base is overrun with diseased rodents, chicken-starved protoraptors, stripper insects, slimy space pets, and not-so-friendly Fribulan friends. To top it off, intermittent solar flares fry your power plants and the Anti-Fun League is out to rob your colonists of their hard-earned recreational facilities. This is a hair-puller, all right.

There are two basic approaches: First is to focus solely on the chicken processing goal, allowing any non-essential personnel to die of the rodent plague, while you keep the chicken farmers and bridge personnel healthy. The second is a little more time consuming but will get you through with everyone still alive. I'll describe the second strategy here.

Before your operatives step off the shuttle, pause the game and rearrange the base to maximize living space and remove all airlocks but the one nearest the shuttle pad.

As the crew arrives and credits build up, place some essential items: a mess hall, cleaning posts, a disco, bed, at least one medi bay, and a few more power plants. When the first colonists have arrived, place a chicken farmer unit close to the base and put in a temporary airlock so Billy Bob can get to work. As soon as you see rodents coming (from the northeast), get him inside and sell the airlock.

You can assign your ops as you see fit, but make sure you have at least one person on medi prep. Buy additional medi bays, a second oxygen plant, a few more beds (the crew can share), some basic recreational facilities and a hygiene pod as soon as possible. Now sit tight indoors and wait for your other operatives to arrive and for credits to accrue.

When the second personnel shuttle arrives, you should have a couple of medi bays prepped and a few credits to spend. Expand the base a bit and put in a pharmaceutical extractor. Have Hoshi and Kita alternate working here until you can afford another one. Pause the game and place a chain of lights up to the northwest, to uncover the cylincsus. Sell back all but one light for now.

When medi bays are prepped and supplied with pharmaceuticals, start sending operatives outside to work. Place an airlock only when someone needs to go in or out, position it away from rodents, and sell it afterward. This takes a little juggling, but it can be done with the game paused and will prevent rodents from entering and infecting everyone.

The operatives working outside will get sick. Wait as long as you can to send them to the medi bay, because the pharmaceutical supply is limited.

As you build up credits, buy a third oxygen plant and place a few automatic lasers near the chicken farmer to defend against raptors.

Near the end of day 3, and later at intervals, solar flares destroy some of your power plants. Eventually you can switch over to iridum. For now, just replace as many as possible.

On day 6, and at intervals afterward, the so-called Anti-Fun League removes your recreational stuff and you have to replace it. You can save a few credits by selling all recreational objects right after each Anti-Fun League announcement.

As soon as you can afford them, get a few more warehouses, a space bike, then a titanium extractor. Light up the titanium (some west of the cylincsus and more up north) and then send Stig to mine.

Sell titanium to buy stuff you need: another pharmaceutical extractor and another titanium extractor, later a weeding post to burn stripper mounds before the bugs eat the cylincsus. Continue placing lights to the north to find more cylincsus. (Use the Planetary Scan in the Bridge Screen to see how much of each resource is left.)

You'll run out of base nutrients at some point. Rather than buying a 1000-credit restaurant to (literally) eat into your chicken production, get a nutrient extractor. Someone can alternate nutrient extraction with chicken extraction or another job.

About halfway through the mission start concentrating seriously on chicken. Buy a training pod and begin training people in chicken extraction. Now you can make use of those workers who've been standing around. Place chicken farmer units close to the base, add lasers to defend them, and buy lots of argon.

By now you should have enough pharmaceuticals to treat anyone who needs them. Place a few airlocks and space bike posts to move everyone around efficiently. Defend the airlocks with lasers to keep gremlins out. Then you won't need to waste time on maintenance. Place a light and a few lasers in the northeast corner of the map, too, since many of the invasions start there.

When chicken production is well underway and the cylincsus is depleted, sell the pharmaceutical extractors. Locate the iridium to the northeast and buy a scavenger bunker and an iridium power plant. Hoshi and Kita can run the scavenger. With iridium power, the solar flares will no longer be an issue. Sell extra iridium to buy more chicken training.

With five chicken farmer units going by around day 15, and Billy Bob plus four other operatives with 1- or 2-star chicken badges running them, you should meet the goal before time runs out. Just don't forget to place more warehouses to hold all that chicken.

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