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System: Mgeni     Planet: Ifetayo

Operatives: Goals:

Training Programs Available: none

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


First pause the game and rearrange the base to make it more compact. Two medium domes, or one medium and two small, all close to the bridge should suffice. Position the cybernetics lab close to Mr. Zhang's bed and the mess hall. Later you can add another cash machine, zero-g playroom, stair climber and hygiene pod, and both operatives will be all set.

Make sure space defense shields cover everything, including the lava power plant you'll place over the volcanic vent to the northwest. Place a few lights and automatic lasers near the power plant to fend off lava beetles. Add a few more lasers to the southeast of the base, placing them under the shields.

Once Venus and Zhang are inside, sell all the airlocks and place just one near the space bike.

Have Venus alternate power and oxygen, and have Mr. Zhang build androids. You begin with materials to make 3 androids. Use the credits from selling iron to buy additional iridum and electronics.

There are several areas with iron deposits where you can place your iron extractors. Place lights and lasers near each iron rig to protect against exploding lava beetles. When the first two androids are activated, have them start mining right away. Sell the iron and buy argon and other necessities.

The third and subsequent androids can do various tasks, including cleaning and repair, before going off to mine. Sell iron and buy more iridium and electronics when needed. Also, be sure to get extra warehouses to move the ore and android components quickly.

Have the fourth and fifth androids mine iron as well. Sell it and you should have enough credits to buy all the supplies you need for the rest of the mission. With four extractors going, plus the shields, you'll probably need another power plant, plus lasers to protect it. There's another volcanic vent on which to place it just north of the base.

As the first androids burn out, build replacements. Then just keep mining and selling and you'll finish in about a week.

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