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System: Mgeni     Planet: Pazuzu


Training Programs Available: none

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


The main challenge in this mission is to mine and sell as much as you can as quickly as you can before the market tanks. titanium sells at 800 credits per unit on day 0, but gradually drops to 100 credits after a week. Iridum starts at 1,000 and falls to 250. Rodent and gremlin invasions complicate things, as does the inability to buy argon or base nutrients. The trick is good planning and careful crew juggling. Of course you can assign crew however you like, but this is what worked for me:

As the first operatives arrive, sell all the airlocks except the 2 nearest the shuttle pad. Place 2 automatic lasers and a space bike post here. (Don't forget the trick of selling airlocks before pests can get in so your lasers have time to fry them. This can make the difference between one or two colonists with the sniffles and a plague.)

Buy a nutrient extractor and put Venus to work as soon as she arrives. Light up the titanium just below the base, place a titanium extractor and send Stig there right away. Buy 2 medi bays and put Dean on medi prep. Put Charles on oxygen to start. When the medi bays are ready, move Dean to the power desk.

As soon as you've got 4 or 5 containers of base nutrients, bring Venus inside and put her on the power desk. Place a second oxygen plant after the new operatives arrive and have Venus work both stations. (Another colonist can jump on the oxygen station in an emergency.)

Meanwhile, as you wait for the remaining operatives, place a few more necessities: a mess hall, 2 warehouses, a hygiene pod, sauna and disco.

Be sure to check your warehouses frequently and sell any titanium you've amassed while the price is high. You need those credits.

Place 2 more titanium extractors as soon as you can afford them. Assign Greg and Ashia. Once the price of titanium drops significantly, around day 5 or 6, sell one extractor and move Ashia to rotating duty—cleaning, nutrient extraction, oxygen, etc., whatever needs doing.

As soon as you can afford it, buy a pharmaceutical extractor. Pause the game and use lights to explore southeast of the base. You'll find a pool venting argon and a few patches of cylincsus. Sell back all but one or two lights once you've found it. Switch Dean over to pharmaceuticals (or if medi bays need prepping, have him do that and have Kita do pharmaceuticals). Now you're ready for the rodent plague.

The next priority is an argon rig. Place it over the pool near the cylincsus and put a space bike nearby. Assign Charles there. When you take Charles off oxygen, have Kita/Dean do oxygen/pharmaceutical extraction. Both have basic skill in each.

If you've been selling your titanium every few hours, you should have a nice bank account by now. Use lights to find the iridium deposits to the northeast. Sell any extra lights and place a scavenger bunker there. Kita has the best scavenging skill, so that's her new job.

Keep selling titanium and iridium, and put in an iridium power plant. Now Venus can work both power and oxygen desks.

Continue mining and selling, place a few more lasers and buy a few more amenities (i.e., Jacuzzi, exercise equipment, a few more airlocks and lasers). Sell everything you don't need. You'll need to respond to a few minor crises, like rodent disease or gremlin invasions, but if you've prepared, you should have no trouble meeting the 10-day goal. If time gets tight, sell off existing structures for credits.

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