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System: Mgeni     Planet: Pazuzu

IMPORTANT: The patched version of the game (Space Colony v. 1.1) fixes a number of bugs, including several relating to GM grass and golf holes. If you have not already downloaded and installed this patch, be sure to do so before starting this mission.


Training Programs Available: 15 (bio research, weeding, power, oxygen, cleaning, maintenance; training pod only)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


This is a straightforward tourism mission. If you beat the Fairway and Celensoan Ritz missions in the main game, you'll have the basics already. If not, then review the Tourism Tutorial for tips on building a successful hotel. For tips on building a golf course and seeding the putting greens with GM grass, see the Fairway walkthrough.

The challenge here is having so few operatives. Fortunately, except for Greg, they're all hard workers and fairly easy to manage. Also, you've got lots of credits and lots of training available.

Use most of your initial credits to place several 2-room hotels and a tourist port. (You may need to use weeding posts to clear some of the fast-spreading lupulus to make room.) Tourist will start arriving right away, bringing in more credits.

Split your budget between building facilities for your tourists and training your operatives. Consider the operatives' starting skills and habits and build on those.

My strategy was to make Greg and Dean friends (see Relationships & Romance) and put them on the bridge. I gradually trained Dean up to 4 stars in power and Greg up to 2 stars in oxygen. Then Dean could alternate medi prep and power while serving as Greg's psychologist. I put a small bio dome near the bridge with their two beds and a social area. A Jacuzzi, stair climber and hygiene pod went in another nearby dome.

I trained Ashia up to 4 stars in cleaning and made nutrient extraction her second job, since she already has 1 star there. With his super-speed, Charles can easily switch between jobs in a hurry. So I gave him 1 star each in cleaning and weeding, and had him change stations as needed. He can also pinch hit on the gas rig, nutrient extractor, maintenance, oxygen or power desk.

Kita started on the scavenger, building up a good supply of iridum to run the power plants. Then I switched her to golf course building. She already has a basic bio research badge, so I gave her 2 stars and she did the job by herself. (If you want it to go faster, you could train another operative in basic bio research instead of cleaning or repair.)

I gave Stig and Venus no additional training. He alternated between weeding (which you will have to do vigilantly), maintenance and repair when needed. She ran the argon gas rig and later, when Kita was busy seeding grass, she took over the scavenger.

Fortunately there are no meteors or dangerous aliens in this mission, but you do need to guard against wave after wave of mutant bees, rodents, gremlins and Fribulan tourists. As you expand your hotel, be sure to expand your perimeter lasers and keep the argon coming in.

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