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System: Mgeni     Planet: Pili


Training Programs Available: 5 (all types, library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Connect a single-room hotel and a medium bio dome to the tourist port right away. You won't get many tourists at first, but the credit influx will help build the base. Place a few basic objects in the medium dome—restaurant, hygiene pod, disco—but don't add an airlock yet. This will keep tourists safe inside and keep gremlins out. Buy some chicken to supply the restaurant.

Obviously lava damage is a real hazard for both people and structures. Buy a space bike as soon as you start sending operatives to work outside the base. Add more bikes and a medi bay when you can.

My strategy throughout the two Pili missions was to keep the crew and tourist parts of the base separate. Colonists who work on the bridge or outdoors sleep in the upper base and are free to come and go. (You may only have one or two beds for them at first, but later you can expand.) The rest of the colonists clean and occasionally do maintenance. They sleep in domes connected to the hotel, which has no airlocks. This prevents tourists from going outside and injuring themselves. (More about this below.)

Without space defense shields, there's not much you can do about meteor showers. Minimize damage from falling lava by not building directly beneath it. Fix any damaged structures using an engineering repair facility.

Place automatic lasers near all airlocks to guard against gremlins, which approach from the southeast, and near the areas where lava beetles spawn.

You can't buy argon, so light up the pool of crater water east of the tourist area and build an argon gas rig there. Defend the rig with an automatic laser or two and place another space bike here to protect the gas rig worker from painful hotfoot.

An influx of burnflies early on causes metaflaxus to spread near the tourist area. Use a weeding post to destroy it right away so it doesn't spread.

As more tourists arrive and your facilities expand, add power and oxygen plants as needed. Place lava power plants over the volcanic vents near the shuttle pad and just below the bridge, since these are less prone to damage from falling lava.

When litter begins to collect, place cleaning posts in both sections of the base (crew and tourist). Attach a small bio dome to the tourist area, assign two crew members to cleaning duty in the tourist area and place their beds in the small dome. Add an airlock just long enough to let these workers in. Then sell it before the tourists can escape. If the two cleaners aren't already friends, work on that using a social area. Later you will assign more workers here.

In the crew section, one person can do cleaning duty and another job as well (e.g., Venus can clean and work the argon rig). Give workers additional cleaning training as needed.

Once basic facilities are in place, power and oxygen levels are stable, and you have someone (probably Stig) keeping the base under repair, expand the hotel and add facilities as quickly as possible so you can earn the necessary 6 stars. Note that tourist liner arrives every 10 days, so get another hotel room in place before day 10 for a nice influx of credits. (See the Tourism Tutorial for additional tips.)

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