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System: Mgeni     Planet: Pili

IMPORTANT: The patched version of the game (Space Colony v. 1.1) fixes a number of bugs, including several relating to GM grass and golf holes. If you have not already downloaded and installed this patch, be sure to do so before starting this mission.


Training Programs Available: 20 (all types, library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Meeting both goals can be challenging because when tourist go outdoors to play golf, they risk injury. If a tourist walks over lava, or if a tourist area is damaged by meteor showers, the hotel's safety rating plummets. Some players suggest building the golf course first and completing that goal, then removing the course, building safer facilities in its place and waiting for the safety rating to come back up. That's a fine approach, but I chose a different one.

As mentioned in the walkthrough for the previous mission, my strategy for managing the colony on Pili was to keep the crew and tourist parts of the base separate. The hotel is completely self-contained, so tourists stay safe indoors. Cleaning and maintenance staff have their beds in small domes attached to the hotel and share other facilities with the tourists. Occasionally you'll need to build an airlock temporarily to let someone in or out, but for the most part, the hotel is self-contained.

space defense shields are now available. Cover tourist areas and power plants first. Then, as you bank more credits, expand shield coverage over the entire base. Add power and oxygen plants to meet increasing need.

Groups of gremlins continue to arrive from the southeast. Place automatic lasers near where they enter the map and/or around airlocks. Keep up the argon supply to these lasers and the ones placed near where lava beetles spawn.

Once shields are up, you won't need a full-time engineering repair person. That operative can take on another job as well. I placed the repair facility just outside the bridge, gave Stig additional power training and had him alternate between power and repair.

As more tourists arrive, litter becomes a problem. One or two people can handle cleaning in the crew section and perform other jobs as well. Crewmembers working in the hotel will need more cleaning training as the mission progresses.

To bring in more credits, you can place a scavenger bunker at the east end of the upper base and sell iridum. Just make sure the scavenger bunker is under the shields, don't let the operator take a break when the scavenger robot is sitting on lava, and make sure the robot is repaired if it is damaged. There is no industrial robotics factory and replacing the scavenger is expensive. Once the hotel is up and running, you won't need these credits and you can sell the scavenger.

When you're ready, begin constructing the golf course in the newly opened zone east of the hotel. Place golf tees and holes away from lava fields and cover everything with shields. Basic golf course construction is covered in the walkthrough for the civilian mission Fairway, in case you need a refresher. Daisy and Nikolai can both run a bio research lab, but you can also train another operative (perhaps Dean, who can alternate this job and medi prep) to seed the large course more quickly.

When the entire golf course is ready to play, save the game. Occasionally a bug causes a golfer to freeze on one of the tees. That's bad news, since you then have to sell the tee and start over. Meet all of Dean's needs except entertainment, delete both of his jobs (in the colonist panel), and send him out to play golf. As long as the aforementioned bug doesn't strike, he should play through the course and meet the second goal.

Once the golf goal is met, sell some or all of the golf tees and holes and build additional hotel facilities in their place. Tourists don't have to be able to access these buildings for them to count toward your tourism rating. Just keep building, cleaning and maintaining until you reach 10 stars in all areas. (Again, see the Tourism Tutorial if you need assistance.)

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