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System: Eadfrid     Planet: Caerl


Training Programs Available: none (screen says 5 programs available but all types are grayed out)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


You begin with base litter levels at 50% and happiness levels at only 10%.

If you don't mind taking a shortcut to deal with some of the litter, rearrange the furniture then sell and replace the bio domes one or two at a time. When you sell a dome, the litter inside disappears. This won't remove all litter unless you sell all the furniture first, then all the domes, but it will reduce litter significantly. It's also helpful to rearrange the domes so they're closer together.

Whether or not you choose to take that shortcut, you can sell some of the extra facilities (3 of the 4 discos, one of the detention facilities, a few of the airlocks). I also recommend adding an extra dome or two and putting in airlocks and/or corridors to connect the existing domes. Otherwise colonists will have a long way to walk between areas. Place the least used facilities (medi bay, detention cell, etc.) farthest from the center of the base. Put beds in separate domes from recreational objects that can wake sleeping colonists.

Initial power and oxygen stores are pretty good, so focus on meeting colonists' needs as they arrive. Pause the game as you assign tasks so colonists go right where you want them to. As people arrive, immediately send them off to work on their special needs (e.g., Stig to the mess hall, Dean to the shower, Zhang to bed, etc.). Once the special needs are met, gradually see to the other needs.

Buy several hygiene pods, a mess hall and restaurant as soon as possible. You have only one container each of nutrients and chicken, and neither is buyable. So you'll need a nutrient extractor and chicken farmer early on. Focus on meeting Venus and Billy Bob's needs so they can start getting food for the others.

Next buy several cleaning posts and assign every trained operative. You don't need a post for each worker, but do start cleaning as soon as possible.

Three or four operatives can alternate at the different bridge stations. Prep one medi bay for colonists like Babette and Ashia, who have the health special need. Once his own needs are met, Dean can take care of this and work another job.

Except for food gathering, cleaning, and the bridge stations, you won't need any other work done. There are no hazards and no real need for other industry.

The stress of space life may overwhelm one or two of your colonists (i.e., Nailer). A visit to a detention facility or counseling robot will help restore mental stability. After that, pay special attention to that operative so he doesn't go crazy again.

The gelatinous space pets known as Ooma arrive on day 2. They don't interfere much with getting things done. Just continue pausing and un-pausing the game, monitoring colonists' needs and sending them where they need to go. Add additional facilities when you can and you should beat the mission with time to spare.

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