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System: Eadfrid     Planet: Ceolwulf


Training Programs Available: 20 (repair, weeding, power, oxygen, cleaning and maintenance; library or training pod)

Check the mission hints in-game by clicking the flashing light bulb icon near the bottom left of the screen. Also, see the general tips section of this site for hints and strategies that apply to all missions.


Generally, raising base happiness from a starting level of 50% to 80% would not be a problem, but here the lack of space for so many colonists and the imminent outbreak of the Nirvana virus make it quite a challenge. To further complicate matters, you have only one container of base nutrients and can't buy more, and hardly any credits are coming in from Blackwater. You need to do several things right away to have any hope of beating the mission.

Pause the game and make a few adjustments before any of your colonists arrive. Open the Finance section of the Bridge Screen and lower wages to 10 credits every 4 hours. Any lower and productive colonists like Barbara will not be satisfied. Any higher, and you'll run out of money.

Normally I wouldn't tell you exactly what objects to buy and where to put them, but this mission depends on careful arrangement and timing. If you find a better way to do it, please let me know.

Place a nutrient extractor just below the bridge. (If you put it right up against the bridge wall, you won't need an airlock.) Place another oxygen plant above the bridge next to the shuttle pad. Place a weeding post near where the lower corners of the small and medium domes meet. Put an airlock at the corner of the medium dome near the weeding post. Place another airlock at the top of the medium dome opposite the shuttle pad and a space bike nearby if you like. (It's a bit expensive but you can sell it once everyone's inside, and it helps get people moving quickly at the start.)

Place a mess hall just inside the medium dome. Add a disco, sauna, hygiene pod, exercise equipment, cash machine and at least 3 cleaning posts. Place 4 beds in the small dome. The crew can take turns sleeping.

Once you've set up the base, un-pause and let your colonists arrive. As each one disembarks, assign him a job and then immediately start meeting his needs (special needs first and the rest as soon as possible). Pausing helps you direct the large group more effectively.

Stig is crucial to mission success and fortunately arrives first. Send him to the mess hall, sauna, bed and cash machine. Also have him talk to one other friendly colonist, preferably someone who also needs human contact. Then you can meet two needs with one click. When Stig's overall happiness bar is green, send him outside to start harvesting nutrients. You'll want to lay in at least a few containers of food before the Nirvana virus strikes and nobody will work anymore.

Same goes for Nailer. Get him fed, rested, exercised, chatted up, and then send him to the weeding post. Have him burn off the lupulus below the medium dome. Place another small dome there and put in another hygiene pod. Once that's done, Nailer can switch to cleaning.

Before anyone else goes to work, try and meet as many of their needs as possible. Then assign jobs as you see fit. Just make sure to have several operatives on each of the key stations: power, oxygen and cleaning. When things start to get messy, you'll have trouble keeping oxygen levels up and may need to switch different operatives to the oxygen desk.

You probably won't have the space or credits for a training pod, but if you want to make Mr. Zhang useful, he can study oxygen or cleaning in a library. He's a very fast learner. Sell the library when you're done.

The Nirvana virus strikes early on. When someone comes down with Nirvana, her human contact and entertainment bars plummet, her portrait in the row at the bottom of the screen turns red, and you'll see a swirly bluish icon above her head (as shown in this screenshot). Meet her entertainment and social needs right away. Then, if she still isn't cured, attend to her other needs until she feels better.

As the in-game hints suggest, it is theoretically possible to isolate colonists to prevent the virus from spreading. However, with so many people and so little space, it's next to impossible here. You may be able to keep Stig healthy a little longer than the others by isolating the lower small dome and keeping everyone else out while he showers, uses a cash machine, etc. But this will only work for so long. Eventually he will contract the disease. Hopefully you will have stockpiled enough nutrients by then.

The longer the mission runs, the harder it is to recover, especially if you let credits run out and colonists are unable to meet their financial needs. If you find yourself caught in this situation, it's probably best to restart the mission.

If you have credits to pay your colonists and enough food to eat, it's basically a matter of using the pause-and-direct strategy to continually cycle colonists through all the different mood-lifting activities. Watch the portraits along the bottom of the screen to see who turns red and then treat their Nirvana symptoms. See whose portraits are orange and attend to the needs symbolized by any yellow or red bars. (Again, refer to the section on Meeting Colonists' Needs if necessary.) Eventually you'll be able to juggle things so average happiness reaches 80%.

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